Counseling for Disrespect

Reason for Counseling

Personal behavior, Disrespect

Reasons Which Caused the Counseling Requirement

On 8 July 2019, during our morning work assignments, Chief Patterson gave our team several tasks to accomplish. I distributed those tasks to our team members and assigned you the task of policing the area around the building. When we were behind the building, where I demonstrated what needed to be done, your response to me, after hearing the task, was "fuck you".

I don't know what motivated your response. Everyone in our workcenter has been fair and courteous toward you. If you have a problem with me or the tasking, you are free to discuss it and even question its purpose or practicality but you have no right to respond to me in that manner. I out-rank you but that is immaterial. I am only doing my duty by carrying out the orders of those above me and you are expected to do the same. I don't have to convince or persuade you to follow directions.

Your conduct is uncooperative, disrespectful and detrimental to good order and discipline and will not be tolerated.

Plan (Developed by the Member and Counselor)

This counseling statement will be filed in your records.

You will attend next Monday's morning meeting at 0800 and take notes and distribute them to all attendees after the meeting. You will complete any task assigned to you immediately.

Additionally, you will report to work at 0800 on Saturday morning and complete the task you were previously assigned. Failure to report or failure to complete the task will result in immediate and more severe administrative action.

I will monitor your conduct and performance and evaluate your suitability for continued military service. I will inform the other Chiefs about this incident and invite their input as to the best course of action.

Member's Comments (if any)

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