Counseling for Being Late for Duty

HN Humpty, you are a good and hard worker within your rate. You support the providers and are a very good departmental Customer Service Representative. Your work ethic is noticed and normally praised at all levels of the Chain of Command.

On 2SEPT20, you failed to report to your appointed place of duty. You were verbally counseled by myself and HM3 Dumpty and told that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Although you have not been chronically late in the past, this behavior is becoming more common and it is my duty to uphold standards. If this disregard for standards continues, you will be recommended for UCMJ action.

Plan of Action

_____ I will ensure I am well rested on the nights before work and that I set my alarm clock to ensure I wake up in time to report.

Leadership Responsibilites:

- I will ensure that you are accounted for and informed of any schedule changes.

- I will provide you with a copy of this counseling and file the original in your division officer folder.

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