Counseling for Being Late for Duty

Reason for Counseling

Responsibility, Personal behavior

Reasons Which Caused the Counseling Requirement

On 30 August 2019, ET3 failed to show up for duty on time. He was scheduled to be at work at 0600 but is expected to show up 15 minutes early in order to allow time for an orderly shift change. At 0630, he called in and said that he had overslept and would arrive in 15 minutes. He arrived at 0730, after having stopped by the chow hall.

This delayed the previous shift's departure and resulted in an inadequate turn-over which negatively affected operations.

Plan (Developed by the Member and Counselor)

ET3 Green has received numerous verbal counselings about being late and the importance of showing up on time. Not showing up for work on time demonstrates a blatant disrespect for either the Sailors you are relieving or your duties or both. Or it may signal an inability to control your personal life. Either way, it is a serious pattern of misconduct.

As emphasized in previous verbal counselings, reporting to work on time is important. There are no exceptions to this requirement, no margin for error, and no excuses. I am formally documenting this pattern of behavior and have informed ET3 that, as of 31 August, he must report to work at 0545 and take the shift brief. If he cannot report for duty at 0545, he will explain to me and me only, the reason 24 hours in advance.

If ET3 fails to report for duty on time in the future, I will take further and more serious administrative action and may recommend that he not be allowed to reenlist.

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