Counseling for Being Late for Duty

Thursday, 5OCT23, LS3 Snyder was late to work, starting time is 0730. LS3 Snyder texted LS2 Rivera at 0740 that he was stuck behind a truck at gate 3 and is parking. However, LS3 Snyder didn't arrive to work until approximately 0750.

LS3 Snyder will leave place of residence earlier to get to work on time. If something does come up LS3 Snyder will communicate with the chain of command and let someone know that he will be arriving late to work as soon as he knows that he will be arriving late to work.

On Tuesday, 19Nov19, OS2 Sailor was late to morning muster, arriving at approximately 0720. OS2 mentioned that he took a little more time for breakfast.

This is the first documented incident. OS2 received verbal warning previous to this. OS2 will manage time wisely and will muster with AC1 at 0700 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.

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