Decommissioning Statements

Facilitated the decommissioning program of the MFR's CPO 365 ship to the Sailor 360 program in accordance with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy's initiative.

Executive Officer for U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion SEVEN, Lieutenant Commander Palmer's exceptional leadership and managerial skills drove the Battalion's success through two challenging deployments in the European, African and Central Command areas of operations greatly enhancing U.S. strategic objectives, combating the war on terror and increasing Afghanistan stability. Additionally, during this exceptional operational tempo he was the driving force in the successful decommissioning of the Battalion and the efficient transfer of all personnel.

Managed the custody, inventory and issue of 24,000 pieces of gear valued at over $2 million. Her inventory expertise led to the 100% accountability and decommissioning of all 24,000 pieces of gear, saving the navy 168 man hours and $13,000 in shipping costs.

Engaged leadership resulted in decommissioning and destruction of one special access network and successful completion of a Special access program security inspection.

- As the West Coast AMPHIB and COMPHIBRON Placement Coordinator he supported some of the most complex components in the Navy, including the decommissioning of the USS PELELIU. His exceptional contributions, extraordinary commitment and solid staff work solidified success in every command endeavor.

As Project manager for the commands blood bank's information systems, she managed the deployment of the Blood Management Blood Bank Transfusion Service and the decommissioning of Defense Blood Standard. This allowed the command to remove a critically outdated system in the blood blank and ensure the utmost reliability of the hospital's ability to track and inventory blood products and helping the laboratory department to obtain AABB and CAB re-certifications.

He oversaw the requisition and processing of high priority repairable components valued at $30 million for two SH-60 Helicopters, while tracking $1.2M in fuel expenditures. As LPO, he meticulously shipped $5M worth of IMRL gear to more than 20 units around the fleet during the decommissioning of the aviation unit to ensure mission readiness around the globe.

-Hands-on MCA Team Chief directly responsible for shaping 5 member Fort Dix Detachment Team 218 in preparation for FY15 CJTF-HOA Deployment. All team members 100% CA Pipeline qualified for mission.

-Upon confirmation of MCAST decommissioning, he led the Fort Dix Detachment CMSID billet acquisition for 30 enlisted members. Chief Exley is the focal point of contact for placing members in billets and career advice.

- Dedicated over 30 hours of off-duty time every month tracking Training Requirements, Passports, NEC and Technical School enrollments, NROWS Orders Approval and the Budget Estimator and Virtual PB4T resulting in 100% mobilization-readiness. He oversaw the mission execution of $441K in funds across 1,427 man days in FY14.

MA2 expertly coordinated with the Des Moines Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team to provide invaluable training for over 30 members of NOSC Des Moines. He arranged for a two day course to be led by a SWAT team instructor that encompassed both classroom instruction and practical application. He also coordinated with the authorities to utilize a decommissioned school to practice, hone, and evaluate the reservists' new skills.

Coordinated with CG-64, C4IT Service Center (C4ITSC), Coast Guard Yard, SFLC, TISCOM, and Sector EKMS Managers to organize the proper disposition and reutilization of 825 individual line items of electronics, computer, telephone, and controlled cryptographic equipment valued at $7.95 million from twelve decommissioned 110 WPBs.

Planned, organized, and oversaw the removal of 450 line items of obsolete 110 WPB spare parts inventory from ESDs San Juan, Key West, and Fort Macon valued at $645,000. This removed the ESDs burden of having to continue account for unneeded inventory as well as enabling them to reutilize their existing storage space to provide inventory control and house the spare parts for the new FRCs in their AORs.

Reactor Electrical LPO and Repair Parts Petty Officer, she oversaw and directed over 30 mission critical cannibalization requests ensuring mission critical assets were readily deployable with minimum down time. He also oversaw three command events and countless fundraisers raising over $3000 for MWR funds greatly improving crew morale during an arduous decommissioning period for two class 688 submarines.

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