Detailer Evals

As a detailer, scheduled monthly training for 27 troops which not only facilitated a more efficient work site but also developed troops professionally.

As AG lead detailer, managed all 1,075 AG Sailors during an exceptionally demanding fiscal year due to COVID. He mitigated the shortage of METOC forecaster qualified Sailors due to class cancellations and lackluster schoolhouse enrollment by collaborating with the ECM, TYCOMs, and operational training commands. As a result he increased the quantity of NEC qualified Sailors from 87% to 95%, increasing AG readiness and fill rate throughout the Navy.

METICULOUS ADMIN. Selected as E-5 and Below and "A" School Detailer. Managed and mentored 2,232 Aviation Structural Mechanic E-5 Sailors worldwide. Quickly became a subject matter expert on distribution policies and procedures and was hand picked to "take the helm" of additional responsibilities as assistant New Construction Detailer and 404 WIS Program Coordinator.

Worked tirelessly with detailers and community managers to fill the new command's active duty and Full Time Support (FTS) billets. His efforts resulted in the manning of all required billets and greatly enhanced the command's ability to meet all training and mission requirements to include the short notice deployments of two personnel to augment EODMU THREE and EOD Group ONE in support of OEF and three platoon AT/FP deployments to C5F.

- Managed 10,456 enlisted personnel in three rates and two major Navy Enlisted Classification Codes (NECs) for all Navy surface ships, expeditionary strike groups, destroyer squadrons, and surface/air support organizations. Recognized subject matter expert in all areas of enlisted distribution and actions involving pay grade substitutions, additional requisitions, D-rates, cross decks and diverts. His thorough knowledge of the Automated Readiness Information System (ARIS) and Enlisted Assignment Information System (EAIS) enabled him to provide "on the mark" solutions to tough manning situations.

- As the West Coast AMPHIB and COMPHIBRON Placement Coordinator, he supported many of the most complex components in the Navy, including the decommissioning of the USS PELELIU. His exceptional contributions, extraordinary commitment and solid staff work solidified success in every command endeavor. He flawlessly managed 18 commands encompassing over 6700 enlisted Navy billets. He staffed and completed 223 manning actions (i.e. diverts, COMPTOURS, cross decks, pay substitutions, etc.).

- Due to his exceptional communication skills, he served as an outstanding liaison between commands and their Immediate Superior in Charge, Type Commanders, and United States Fleet Forces, ensuring the execution of fleet manning requirements and sustainment of Chief of Naval Operations objectives.

- S-PACT Program Manager. He was responsible for directing the placement of over 3,200 Sailors, increasing FDNF manning to 95% and CONUS commands to 90% from a base less than 40% fleet wide. His hands-on involvement from the infancy of the PACT program has been instrumental in its overall success.

- NEC 0170 Search and Rescue Swimmer (SAR) program manager. He was responsible for the direct placement of BUD's School Attritions as "volunteers" to commands with deficiencies. This direct intervention in detailing 120 volunteers resulted in an increase from 80 percent manned at sea to 97 percent.

- NEC 0215 Navy Harbor Pilot program manager. He increased the pool of qualified Pilots from 60 percent to fully manned at 100 percent. He ensured the continuation of the program by directing the placement of trainees to the busiest ports to speed up the training process. His direct intervention in the detailing process increased the fleet's effectiveness in ports without civilian pilots.

- Hand selected to track all incoming action correspondence for the divison and meticulously monitored over 2,600 EMIR, OPHOLD, ORDMOD, and PERSMAR manning actions. His accurate management and attention to detail ensured the division was able to respond to all requests within established guidelines.

- BM , QM and S-PACT Rating Specialist. He managed the monthly setting of Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID), reviewing over 1,100 available requisitions for personnel eligible to transfer. He also reviewed thousands of permanent change of station orders and ensured each Sailor had the proper sea/shore flow and skill set for their next assignment.

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