Education and Self-Improvement

- ROLE MODEL SAILOR. Consistently strives for improvement and is a standout performer who continues to elevate himself and the Sailors around him. He has completed X college credit hours and his direct leadership resulted in X junior Sailors completing X college courses.

Dedicated to professional growth. Attended 8-hour public speaking seminar and enhanced skills for Navy goals.

Pursued off-duty education and completed nine credit hours towards Transportation Management degree.

Committed to self-improvement and professional growth. Completed math review workshop and earned a 4.0 GPA.

Focused on self-improvement and professional growth; maintained 4.0 GPA and completed 9 credit hours towards Associates.

Aggressively sought higher education. Enrolled in distance learning and made continual improvement. Poised for advancement.

Goal-oriented! Earned 20 college credits toward BS degrees in Logistics and maintained 3.7 GPA.

Motivated Sailor! Completed College Math and Ethics in America to earn 9 credit hours for Associates degree.

Dedicated to teamwork, she ensured that all Sailors of Sierra group maintained a 100% completion of all required NKO courses prior to mobilizing in support of OEF.

Completed qualification training; finished Career Development Course and scored 90% on End of Course test

Completed two JIVU courses requiring 10 hours of training. Honed personnel, administrative, and leadership skills and established high standards to be pursued by other Department members.

Strong initiative; aced A+ Essentials Certification course which resulted in increased technical expertise and boosted job knowledge.

Aced Career Skills course; gained core competencies for verification tracking and increased data accuracy to 100% over 3 months.

Attended Leadership course and volunteered to facilitate mentoring sessions on professionalism, leading to a positive change in attitude toward Navy career advancement.

Enrolled with AMU; completed four courses and earned 12 credit hours toward Transportation degree and an outstanding 3.8 GPA.

Tackled Effective Communication/Conflict Management E-learning course. Improved leadership and supervisory skills.

Passed two CLEP tests. Gained 9 semester hours toward Aviation Maintenance degree.

Conquered CFL training course. Led 29 members through 20 hours of physical fitness activities and secured Maintenance Department's 95% pass rate.

Balanced education and duty requirements. Earned 7 Habits certification, completed 2 Healthcare Administration courses while simultaneously holding LPO position.

Career oriented. Pursued degree through CLEP examination, awarded 9 credits, one class short of goal.

Conquered three classes at AU and achieved 4.0 GPA towards Business Admin degree. Amplified and expanded job knowledge and credibility.

A champion of education, Petty Officer Fox encouraged her staff to enroll in off-duty education classes or complete at least one NKO or correspondence course a month.

CTT1 dedicated his personal liberty time to CLERC while attending Global Command and Control System-Maritime C-School which directly facilitated the deployable status of XXXXXXXX. CTT1's management of the White 3 Training Program ensured the completion of 55 NKOs required for deployment.

By exploiting his unique experience and abilities, EN1 Klondike exhausted over 100 hours of off-duty time to forge a solid, commendable In-Rate Training Program (IRTP) to lower and eliminate the failure rate within CART III, with the potential to influence CART I and CART III.

Mentored 11 personnel with their advancement exams by giving them pointers and advice on how to improve their study habits.

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