Watch Supervisor EVAL Example

Primary duty position: AIC/CIC Watch Supervisor

My best CIC Watch Supervisor! Developed and maintained an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

Diligently managed watch team of experts around the clock. Coordinated, directed, and united individual functions to provide bullet-proof security and complete vigilance!
- Directly responsible for ship's mission readiness; best CIC in Destroyer Squadron! SUPERIOR PERFORMER! Excelled during JTF Exercise Operation BOLD STEP. Meticulous attention to detail identified comm failure before ops, repaired to restore comm. 100% scrutiny of all message traffic kept center apprised of rapid changes, ahead of fleet. Proven ability to oversee CIC in support of joint ops with allied navies.
- Ready to deploy on short notice, to meet any contingency, anywhere in the world.
- Capable Professional. Was selected to act as Anti-Air Warfare Commander (AAWC) during critical joint exercise NEPTUNE WARRIOR; stalwart efforts streamlined communications with other members of Strike Group; 100% identification of and immediate response to threat. Ensured his sailors were qualified in at least two positions--increased watch readiness!

ITC1 N has shown tremendous growth, has overcome all obstacles, and is ready for a more challenging billet. A clear choice for Chief Petty Officer, Promote NOW!

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