Program Supervisor EVAL Example

Primary duty position: Occupational Knowledge Program Supervisor, Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC)

Petty Officer Smith is a superlative example of a second class Petty Officer. He is an ambitious self-starter who sustains a high level of motivation and resourcefulness in his performance. He demonstrates a mature and personal concern in his work with students, assisting them with career and advancement information and studies.
- Interacted with staff and students to promote morale in various programs and committees such as Jobs Pistol Ribbon Qualification classes and NATTC Recreational Committee.
- As MARS Chief Operator, assisted in sending over 200 messages increasing the morale, health, and welfare of both Navy and Marine Corps personnel.
- Initiated, supervised, and instructed an interservice training program between the Orlando 264th General Training Platoon unit Army Reserve unit and NAS Orlando MARS Station to provide mutual training benefits.
- Increased his technical and professional knowledge in his off-duty hours; gained 6 credit hours
- Petty Officer Smith is a hard-charging Petty Officer with a high level of initiative and dedication. He has consistently demonstrated an uncommon level of performance throughout his tour at the Command. He is very deserving of this overall 5.0 evaluation. Petty Officer is strongly recommended for advancement and retention.

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