Stellar leadership and exceptional mastery of technical skills. Clear front-runner for First Class Petty Officer!

-TIME MANAGMENT. While working full time as a civilian Machinist Apprentice at Trident Refit Facility Petty Officer XXX has completed 7 college classes in the last 6 months to further her education and received high marks for each class.
-TECHNICAL EXPERT. Excellent quality of work. Eagerly tackles new jobs, producing excellent quality with exacting standards. While working at Trident Refit Facility, EN2 XXX has spent over 700 hours on milling, lathe, drill presses, and CNC machine. Always conducting herself with a can do attitude and drives to motivate her peers and for all to succeed.
-WORK INVOLVEMENT. Highly professional sailor with uncompromising commitment to command goals. As a Command Assessment team member EN2 was very influential on devising a plan to analyze feedback from TRF's recent command survey.

Constantly strives for both professional and personal development, and will be a work force multiplier anywhere.

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