Marine EVAL Material

Bravo Co. Watch bill coordinator
TBI Instructor
Regimental Sexual Assault Operational Planning Team Member

Battalion Assistant Officer of the Day,
Duty Driver,
Duty NCO
3D Battalion 8th Marines 2 MEF Camp Lejeune - 10Jan14-10Oct14
2D Med Battalion Change of Command Ceremony - 1Oct13
Change of Charge Ceremony for CMC Foley - 14Oct13
FEX WARNORD 6Sept-8Sept13
2D Supply BN FEX SAfety COverage 26-29 Aug13
CLR-25 Barracks BAsh Safety Coverage 21 Aug13
CLR 25 Gas Chamber Safety Coverage 15Aug13
CLR-25 BN PT 2Aug13
2d MED BN FEX 22Jun-28Jun13


- Section 2 Section Leader
- Operations Section Leader
- Bravo Co. Watchbill Coordinator
- Responsible for maintaining over 160 temporary assigned duties for Bravo Company personnel On-hand and local TAD. Keeping a direct line of communication with H&S S-3 Operations ensuring that the most up to date taskers are being filled.
- Watch bill coordinator for Bravo co. responsible for maintaining and assigning 120 personnel to the monthly command watch bil BRAVO COMPANY
- Established a two man support structure to maintain control over Bravo Co ensuring proper word and plan of the day is passed on every muster.
- Restructured Operations and oversees all taskers, medical coverages, field evolution support, safety corpsmen evolutions and police call for both Regiment and Battalion.
- Established an open line of communication between Battalion Watch Coodrinator, Alpha Co Watch Coordinator and Bravo personnel ensuring that watches are filled for duty days. If necessary, support the other companies in the event that they cannot fulfill their watch obligation.

- Oversee an electronic tracker ensuring all taskers are properly manned by appropriate personnel and ensure that the tracker is recorded and current.
-Maintain and resupply 20 Medical Bags and 20 CLS bags for ready use for corpsmen
- As TBI MACE instructor, was able to trian 4 corpsmen on the basic MACE exam

- Hand selected by senior leadership to represent 2D MEd BN to be part of CLR-25 Sexual Assault Prevention Operational Planning Team. Was directly responsible for the creation of a Sexual Assault Powerpoint Brief for newly joined sailors and marines to CLR-25.
-Provided support and medical care for over 400 Marines from 2d MLG and 10th Marines.
-Conducted and ran the OutServe-SLDN International Leadership Conference 2013 in San Antonio, Texas representing US Department of Defence and the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
-Raised over $300 from Bravo company for the Combined Federal Campaign 2013 contributing to 2D Medical Battalion's total donation of over $2,000.
-Helped coordinate Former marine Sgt. Hal Faulkner's discharge upgrade ceremony Jan 4 2014.

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