Personnel Specialist (PS1) Eval Example

My #2 MP of 26 First Class Petty Officers. An outstanding First Class Petty Officer awarded VR-XX SOQ FY-13 while onboard less than nine months. His commitment to excellence and "can do" spirit are unequaled. A self-starter who sets the pace for others to emulate.
- DECKPLATE LEADERSHIP. As the Admin LPO, he supervises 12 personnel on all day to day administrative functions. He processed 328 administrative action correspondence and pay documents with 100 percent accountability and monetary value equaling over $35,000.
- MENTORSHIP. His hands on approach to mentorship and training led to four Sailors advancement in paygrade, two LOA's, and one EAWS qualification. He voluntarily conducted Petty Officer Indoctrination to four newly frocked Third Class Petty Officer's. PS1 XXX's concerns with the professional and personal development of junior Sailors are monumental. As the command ESO, he proctored advancement examinations for more than 60 FTS/SELRES personnel for three test cycles.
- COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. As the UPC, he submitted over 24 specimens for testing with zero discrepancies. As the ACFL, he led the planning and execution of the command's PFA program for the 2013 cycles resulting in zero failures. Actively involved in the FCPO mess and appointed as the treasurer by his peers. He spends numerous off duty hours volunteering at the Salvation Army.
PS1 XXXX has the mental maturity and administrative knowledge to be an exceptional Chief. Select at first opportunity!

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