Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Evals

Served as the core member of the Incident Determination Committee (IDC). As part of this multi-disciplinary team, she provided critical and sensitive leadership on unrestricted domestic abuse and suspected child abuse cases. As the lead member of the committee, her expertise assisted fellow tenant commanders with recommendations for family advocacy programs and guidance on future procedures. Overall, his role in the IDC assisted the Base Commander in identifying long range, intermediate, and immediate needs and action for enhancement of the family programs supported by MCB Hawaii.

As an active member of the Command's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and Family Advocacy Program, he directly impacted training and command wide awareness of these vital programs.

COMMAND FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM COORDINATOR. Provided assistance to 42 Sailors and educated the Command on domestic violence utilizing 16 advocates to instruct over 800 Sailors in school and ship. Devoted over 20 hours to mentoring on topics of enlisted development, Navy programs, technical expertise, and family advocacy.

Volunteered to take over the Family Advocacy Program which he transformed into the highest score that CORIVRON ELEVEN has ever seen with this program, scoring a 100%.

Administered the Family Advocacy Program, garnering trust and respect throughout the chain of command. Aligned with Navy and command vision, she inspired a culture of excellence and achieved a variety of Command goals for Navy recruiting and enhanced the operational readiness of the Navy.

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