Family Care Eval Statements

- COMMAND ENGAGED. Conducted X Family Care Plan counseling sessions, providing resources for Sailors resulting in a X% increase in deployable personnel and contributed to the command receiving the 20XX Retention Excellence Award.

- BRILLIANT MANAGER. Managed the Family Care Program for X Sailors ensuring 100% adherence to policy and resulting in increased command readiness.

- COMMAND INVOLVED. As Family Care Program Coordinator, reviewed and verified all family care plans and brought X previously delinquent or expired plans into standard, resulting in a 90% improvement to the program's effectiveness.

Mentored and tracked more than 30 Family Care Plans at Naval Base Point Loma to help the Navy's Mission to make sailors world-wide assignable.

He expeditiously processed 300 correspondences, filled 22 critical taskers IAW the battalion's mission essential task lists, increased Family Care plan readiness to 99% compliance and reduced the request chit procedures to a 5-day turnaround.

As Family Care Plan coordinator, he oversaw and managed all aspects of the program ensuring 320 separate Family Care Plan packages were accurately kept and maintainted.

As Family Care Plan (FCP) coordinator, Navy Operational Support Center, he tracked over 2,500 reservists and maintained over 400 FCPs. He developed and implemented a new tracker that facilitated near-100% compliance for personnel required to have an FCP on file, passing inspection by the Commander, Reserve Component Command, for the first time in 10 years.

Meticulously managed the command's Family Care Plan program ensuring 100% adherence to policy resulting in increased command readiness.

As VR-59 Family Care Plan Program Coordinator, he reviewed, revised, and enforced program requirements, bringing 33 service members into compliance for the first time. He provided 8 hours of command training, ensuring all members understand the seriousness of this requirement. His efforts contributed to a 25 percent overall improvement in command readiness.

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