Financial Manager Evals

-SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONAL. As LOGSU-2 Financial Manager, responsible for the processing of financial reporting for the NSWG2 Enterprise. Manages the technical review of BIZFLOW requests for LOGSU-2 and the execution of GCPC purchases for 10 LOGSU divisions for the oversight and management of upkeep and retention of all Stock Control records IAW WARCOM directives.
-CRUCIAL TECHNICIAN. Oversaw the editing of 422 MILSTRIP requests, totaling $584K for 8 NSWG-2 subordinate commands. Additionally, tracked and managed the tech edit of 213 requests and execution of 50 GCPC purchases totalling $164K. directly enhancing NSWG2's ability to support and maintain training for all deployable units. Oversaw Material Outstanding File (MOF) resulting in NSWG-2 to re-coup $3.8m, scrubbing over 780 requisitions ensuring all command requirements are being filled in a timely matter.
-COMMUNITY DETERMINED. Led a total of 36 sailors to pass their second-class swim qualification, directly impacting deployment readiness of NSWG-2 deployable units. Trained 4 Sailors in Stock Control operations ensuring effective ordering, processing, and tracking of over $3M in NSWG2 requisitions. Provided financial management training for 12 Sailors leading to lowered debt, increased savings, lowered APR, and improved financial well-being.

FINANCIAL EXPERT. As the Financial Manager, she ensured the ship's OPTAR valued at over $10 million was properly executed in accordance with TYCOM directives. As the Subject Matter Expert, she was instrumental to the flawless financial closeout of FY15.

METICULOUS OVERSIGHT: As lead Logistical Specialist for Squadron Eleven, she successfully led Squadron units through nine Supply management inspections during her tenure with no failures. As the Financial Manager for Squadron units and Approving Officer for the Government Purchase Card program, she successfully managed a budget of more than 30 million dollars for the last four fiscal years.

- Responsible for creating, screening, verifying, and processing of open purchase requests, paid with a GCPC, requested by departments in the command. For FY 23 Deployment, $11,903.98 have been used in 5 separate Open Purchase Requests to assist Det Tinian with attaining PPE for their projects, to resupply Det Guam's office supplies, to purchase spray paint for the routine maintenance of Naval Base Guam's asphalt batch plant, to purchase HAZMAT storage equipment for Det PNG, and to purchase a scale for use in Det Guam's FY23 PRT Cycle.

- For homeport, $34,375.56 worth of material, training, and services have been purchased. This includes working with the requestor, vendor, and approving authorities to make sure the material, service, or training purchased is justifiable, obtainable, and within budget. The ordering of material such as dental equipment for Dental, training such as link belt training for the Seabees, and services such as trash bins and portable toilets for CPX allow the command and all departments to function and retain overall effectiveness.

- East Coast Battalion Support LS- Assisted NMCB 11 and NMCB 1's Supply department with daily operations. This includes assisting in filing of receipts coming from Automotive Repair Parts (ARP) or financial documents that have been approved by the Supply officer, managing the consumables storage area, scanning documents for mass digital storage using the FACET scanning system, assisting NMCB 11's household goods movement for the closing of their FY23 deployment, and acting as a POC for NMCB 5 supply operations. For NMCB 1, I assisted with their ARP doing inventories and managing their stock, which includes stowing and processing repair parts for delivery to their final destination and inventorying 3,000 line items.

- Managed the use of command fuel cards as well as command fuel Vil keys as fuels AO. Verified fuel card transactions with a total value of $5,221.38. Performed monthly fuel card inventories and verified use amounts with monthly statements.

- Created orders for printing services such as, command logo/safety stickers and P-486 instruction books through DLA totaling $2,763.32.

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