Fire Warden Evals

-RELIABLE PROGRAM MANAGER. As 600 divison fire warden, ensured 34 fire bottles were up to date, proving appropriate fire fighting capabilities throughout the division. Also, took zero hits duting the most recent QA spot checks and MPA inspection.

Dedicated and trustworthy. As BAS Fire Warden, he created hazmat and safety procedures which passed an annual inspection with a grade of 100%. His efforts played a key role in the BAS having zero safety or fire incidents.

As Fire Warden aboard NAS Jacksonville Security Department, inspected 64 rooms, 13 fire extinguishers, 3 entry control points, and designated smoking areas to prevent mishaps and fires. His foresight and efforts resulted in zero incidents with over 160 personnel accessing their work spaces daily. Also trained four others to become Fire Wardens.

As the Fire Warden Officer, Staff Sergeant Bonsey was responsible for verifying the serviceability of 15 fire extinguishers, ensuring the safety of personnel residing in building AV-34 at all times.

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