Flag Driver Eval Examples

ADMIRAL'S RIGHT HAND. As Flag Admin ALPO, his oversight and management ability resulted in the meticulous processing and tracking of over 1000 pieces of correspondence. In addition, his efforts contributed to the 99% completion rate with the CNO//HQWEB Command Tasker Program. Notified all N-Code/Special Assistants of required tasking from higher authority ensuring all deadlines were met. Reviewed and submitted over 50 Directives and Notices.

PROTOCOL PROFESSIONAL. As Flag Driver to CNRMW, he took part in over 50 events in the local area to include downtown Chicago and Milwaukee. He also maintained two continually ready vehicles and completed over 30 round trips to O'Hare International Airport. All travel was punctual with zero incidents.

HEADQUARTERS DRIVER. Petty Officer Sailor demonstrated a high level of competence and professionalism while serving as a driver for the Headquarters element. As Command driver, he was responsible for the accountability, serviceability and mission readiness of unit vehicles, weapons, and all assigned equipment valued at over $40,000. His diligence and relentless attention to detail resulted in 100% operational readiness, accurate and dependable navigation and the best safety record in the Fleet.

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