Navy Funeral/Mortuary Services

As Urinalysis Program Coordinator, CS1 Wilson developed and implemented an aggressive random sampling schedule to maintain 20 percent testing, meeting the Navy standard for a fluctuating student load of 150 students and 23 permanent party staff members.
Funeral Honors Coordinator. CS1 Wilson flawlessly and skillfully trained 73 staff and students on the proper procedures for rendering honors for 72 fallen veterans across the North Texas area receiving nothing but praise from Navy Region Southeast.
As Command Funeral Honors Representative, CS1 Wilson skillfully trained 50 students and 23 staff members in the proper rendering of honors to fallen veterans and personally conducted 72 graveside services.

Served as Funeral Honors Coordinator for Navy Operational Support Center Atlanta from 10 April 2012 to 20 August 2015. Coordinated more than 1800 funerals rendered thoughout the state of Georgia and Northeast Alabama. Provided training to 60 Funeral honors detail members and approximately 20 FTS staff members. Managed and reorganized the FHD program which made the program number one in the region. Processed approximately 800 after action reports, processed over 600 funeral honors pay in NSIPS and revised the SOP for the funeral honors program. Also coordinated and volunteered for 10 Joint Color Guard events with the Air force and established a partnership with the Air force Funeral Honors and Color Guard Coordinator. As Travel claim coordinator, processed over 5000 travel claims, assisted over 800 members in filling out, processing their SATO and DTS travel claims.

As the Funeral honors Leading Petty Officer, IT1 Wooten was overall responsible for 50 sailors, 2149 funerals and 13132 man hours resulting in only three missed funerals.

ABE3 Pelham trained over 40 personnel in her division. She also trained all 11 states at the Navy Region Northwest funeral honors training including two CO's in rendering proper navy funeral honors. She constantly goes above and beyond her primary mission and takes on the responsibilities of those in the next pay grade.

CTI1 Diaz demonstrated exceptional leadership in a variety of positions. He successfully and notably served as a Division Career Counselor, Division Assistnat leading petty officer, Department Sponsor coordinator, and Assistant Command Fitness Leader. CTI1 Diaz also led nine funeral details as NCOIC of NIOC Maryland Ceremonial Honors Division and volunteered off-duty hours to assist more than 60 disabled veterans during the Paralyzed Veterans of America Tour.

-Conducted 160+ funerals for NOSC Detroit, within the Metro Detroit area and parts of Northern Ohio. This includes playing of the bugle, folding of the flag and presentation of our National Ensign to the Next of Kin. Resulting in 320+ hours and a 100% accountability for the NOSC Detroit Funeral Honors Team. As a trainer, CS1 helps ensure uniformity in the execution of each ceremony for the Funeral Honors Team. Five personnel were trained resulting in 8 training hours in total.

Served as Mortuary Affairs Sergeant at the Theater Mortuary Affairs Evacuation Point in support of Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom.

Supervised the Mortuary Affairs division, including the processing, preparation, identification, and transportation of four deceased service members at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti; ensured members conducted their duties with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Supervised the reception of and processing of deceased military and civilian personnel; ensured most orderly transition.

Facilitated the tentative identification, temporary interment and disinterment of deceased military and civilian personnel.

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