Honor Guard Eval Examples

As Honor Guard Leading Petty Officer, she supervised 13 Sailors, chaired two interview boards for four Honor Guard members, and facilitated training in ceremonial guard procedures to include military funerals, parading of colors, and passing of the flag. Her diligent efforts enhanced the drill capability of this command.

As an Honor Guard member, he personally participated in 38 military funerals and 11 off-duty ceremonies.

Coordinated over 300 funerals throughout the Southeast region along with the filing of 200 After Action Reports.

While assigned to NS Mayport Funeral Honor Guard, selflessly performed over 30 funerals to honor and support whose who have served as Navy and Army veterans at Jacksonville National Cemetery.

As Command Honor Guard LPO, he devoted over 200 off-duty hours to rehearsals to maintain the highest state of proficiency and deliver the most solemn and professional service. His foresight and preparation was responsible for the success of 244 HONOR GUARD performances with 5,300 people in attendance.

Hand selected as the Leading Petty Officer for the command Honor Guard. In this capacity, he led 19 Sailors and coordinated services for over fifty funerals, five retirement ceremomies, as well as two Navy Balls.

Petty Officer Nelson's devotion to service and country led over 34 funeral details honoring the fallen veterans of New England and helping hundreds of family members cope with their losses and bury their loved ones.

As a member of the Honor Guard, Petty Officer Nelson exceeded Navy standards of professionalism and military bearing.

Petty Officer Nelson's service is an example for younger generations while representing the Navy at various events including professional sporting events, Chief Pinnings, retirements and funerals.

As a member of the Honor Guard, Petty Officer Nelson's contributions have made a powerful and lasting impression on the community.

As a member of the Honor Guard, she has been a positive ambassador for the Navy Reserve and a role model for all.

He has taken a group of Sailors with no prior experience and trained them and instilled in them the pride and professionalism needed to perform, and, as a result the team saw significant increases in requests to perform.

- SN Clay was selected and trained as a member of the Joint Casket Team for the Andrews AFB Flight Line team.

- Achieved Fully Qualified/Full Honors member of the Casket Bearers' Platoon while having 6 months remaining on original PRD date.

- Ensured 35 sailors were qualified in 8 positions on flag folding as well as Carrying Team to provide funeral honors at Arlington National Cemetary and across the Mid Atlantic Region, increasing mission readiness for the platoon.

- Trained new personnel; his efforts aided in the achievement of Full Honors Casket Bearer for 6 sailors

- SN Clay completed 11 Dignified Transfers at Dover AFB as well as commercial airports in the Mid Atlantic Region, transfering a total of 17 fallen service members, most notably the transfer of 7 cases in a single day.

- SN Clay has consistently demonstrated an uncommon level of performance throughout his tour at the Command. He provided military honors at 333 Full and Standard Honors Funerals.

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