Housing LPO Evals


- NATURAL LEADER. As Unaccompanied Housing LPO, he meticulously led and trained 18 staff in the superior management of habitability and upkeep maintenance for 1,200 residents in seven UH facilities. Oversaw the proper removal of all FFE in preparation of a building closure, the renovation of two laundry rooms, the replacement of four grills, and the installation of 88 stackable washer/dryers, improving resident quality of life and department efficiency. Spearheaded the planning and execution of two construction battalion turnovers and expedited the check-in/out processes for four operational and pre-commissioning units, enabling their 2,500 Sailors to prioritize mission readiness and execution.
- SAILOR ADVOCATE. Passionate about Sailor growth. Fostered team member development, resulting in two in-rate advancements, two JSOQs, 100% retention, and zero PFA failures.
- AGGRESSIVE INVOLVEMENT. As FCPOA Treasurer, tracked $3K in funding and spearheaded the coordination and execution of two successful events, increasing overall command morale and cohesion. Accommodated three successful NJROTC tours for 78 high school students, mentoring future leaders and showcasing the pride and professionalism of the Navy.


His tireless efforts to streamline logistics and procurement requirements for 11 buildings on Subase, including the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, led to a substantial increase in the quality of life among bachelor housing residents. Since his arrival at bachelor housing, material readiness and availability has increased a dramatic 25 percent, significantly increasing repair and replacement capabilities within the maintenance department, resulting in the CEL & Associates Crystal Award for resident satisfaction. In addition, he spearheaded the reduction in spending across the bachelor housing during an austere fiscal period by accurately forecasting budget requirements and cutting costs, reducing expenditures by 30,000 dollars over the previous fiscal year.

ENS Rivers demonstrated competence and foresight by successfully executing a multi-million BOS contract for services on the NSA Bahrain waterfront, despite no experience in writing contracts and a short timeframe. ENS Rivers facilitated the turnover of the SOF and HPU building at the waterfront valued at $50 million. ENS Rivers managed the space requirements for 87 tenant commands with logical solutions despite a 45% space deficiency on NSA Bahrain.

Petty Officer Ballain independently planned the reconfiguration of unaccompanied housing modules, restoring command integrity in Naval Base Guam barracks. His meticulous attention to detail enabled junior sailors to enjoy private room accommodations while meeting CNO's 1+1, 2+0 assignment policy more than six months ahead of schedule. His efforts increased the operational effectiveness for 10 tenant command residents and over 1,000 Sailors. Additionally, he facilitated the installation of new whole room concept furniture by ensuring occupied rooms were prepared for scheduled replacements. His actions reduced intrusion into private lives, improved the quality of life for 130 residents, and streamlined housing operations during high ops tempo base realignment.

His exceptional service earned him the leadership role as Naval Base Coronado's Combined Bachelor Housing LPO where he guided a division of 19 individuals to an outstanding 98% on 2 consecutive NAVOSH safety inspections. In addition, his efforts saved the Navy over $300,000 in self-help, renovation, and preservation projects and directly contributed to bachelor housing receiving the 2013 Commander Navy Installations Command, unaccompanied housing "A List" platinum award for excellence in customer service.

Demonstrating superb managerial ability, she personally mentored the Housing staff and PPV management and developed and utilized a monitoring matrix which resulted in a 100% increase in maintenance discrepancy tracking. Her efforts were critical in ensuring quality support to Sailors and their families preparing for fleet operations.

RESPONSIBLE. Revised NMCSD bed bug policy and procedures to more efficiently serve NAVFAC pest control and housing authorities throughout Navy Region Southwest and effectively mitigated the loss of 200 man-hours on 122 rooms and $2,000 in lost wages. She supervised the inspections of 333 bed bug reports and provided keen insight into procurement of heat treatment devices, saving the Command over $200,000. She collaborated with Navy and Civilian officials to manage over 100 documented bed bug reports throughout 15 BEQs, 3,000 rooms, and increased habitability rates by 100%.

As Unaccompanied Housing Leading Petty Officer, Petty Officer XXXXXXX trained and mentored a divison of 9 civilian and 6 military staff while managing day to day operations for more than 1,100 Sailors and Soldiers. She was directly responsible for the modernization of four barracks buildings with upgrades of 2,400 furniture items, restoration of 88 showers and the construction of a cooking facilty with a total value of $900,000. She orchestrated the completion of over 1,400 trouble calls and 2,500 room and safety inspections, ensuring every resident had a safe, secure, and private place to stay.

While serving as Complex Manager of Unaccompanied Housing (UH), Petty Officer Koch oversaw the daily operations of 22 personnel and 9 buildings housing over 1,000 students and permanent party residents. He also designed, setup, and opened the UH Front Desk in building 309 as the central hub of operations. Further, he supported the Unaccompanied Housing facilities at Lakeside in Pascagoula with over 300 residents while renovating one wing.

Petty Officer Parker displayed superior management and coordination of maintenance for 13 Unaccompanied Housing complexes which housed 2,100 deployable CAG-5 personnel. Her meticulous verification of 425 rooms and replacement of 88 furniture items in NAF Atsugi's largest housing complex led to 100% inventory and billeting accuracy for command integrity. Additionally, she managed the placement and effective tracking of 300 squadron personnel during IWO JIMA DET 2014. And she executed the timely delivery of appliances to 375 off-base residence customers with zero incidents and reduced delivery wait time by 50%. By directly contributing to DRMO recycling of bachelor housing and off-base appliances and furniture, she saved the Navy over $300,000 a year.

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