Indoctrination Coordinator Evals

As the Indoctrination Division Coordinator, he instituted weekly uniform inspections, morning morale building sessions, and required each Sailor to learn their ship's motto which resulted in no Sailor becoming an unplanned loss during his tenure. He demonstrated unparalleled leadership as Chief Master at Arms by instituting a Duty Master at Arms log, new vehicle logs, successfully executing the first divisional vehicle audit, and coordinating for a Sailor to complete his Submarine qualifications. As the Building Manager, he flawlessly executed a multi office move, stood up the BSP Coordinator Office, and saved the Navy numerous dollars by painting five offices and a passageway.

- COMMAND ORIENTED. Ensured # newly reported Sailors were assigned dependable sponsors. Additionally, she was responsible for revamping the command check-in process ensuring my command continues to retain quality leadership and sponsorship throughout the ranks.

- COMMAND FOCUSED. Coordinated with Fleet and Family Support Center to offer additional training and executed # command indoctrination briefs, seamlessly integrating # Sailors into the command.

As the assistant Indoc, led 2 classes creating a seamless check-in process for 32 reporting Sailors.

- COMMAND INVOLVED. Facilitated # Command Indoctrination sessions leading to a smooth transition for new reporting Sailors.

- COMMAND CATALYST. As INDOC Coordinator, organized X facilitators and executed X INDOC briefs, seamlessly integrating X Sailors into command operations.

As Command Indoctrination Coordinator, managed X personnel in the coordinated facilitation of X hours of instruction for X new Sailors, resulting in a 100% overall program compliance for the command.

- EXTRAORDINARY FACILITATOR. Led Command INDOC program to include 67 Sailors. Spearheaded vital training to 71 FCPOs, 16 CPOs, and 18 Officers ensuring overall readiness through Sailorization skills. Through the First Class Petty Officer Association, INDOC, and First Term Success Workshop, she imparted knowledge to 138 Sailors on how to master a self-sufficient successful career.

COMMAND INDOC FACILITATOR. Played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless acclimation for 200 newly assigned Sailors, dependents, and deployed squadron personnel for overseas duty in Misawa Japan during Command Indoctrination courses.

Established lines of communication with the Commander, Naval Air Forces for VX-9 Det Edwards. Established command indoctrination resulting in 66 Sailors covering 132 enabling objectives emphasizing Honor, Courage and Commitment and understanding Navy regulations.

Coordinated 500 hours of Command Indoctrination for 155 new personnel, enabling 889 qualifications in Damage Control, 3M, and Craftsman and establishing a culture of excellence onboard JOHN PAUL JONES.

Planned and executed three highly successful Freshman Orientations. Skillfully supervised midshipman leadership, achieving completely effective indoctrination without any incidents.

As Command Indoctrination and Orientation program coordinator he administered 20 Classes with 260 attending resulting in 99% overall compliance for the Command.

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