Information Assurance Officer

As Information Assurance Officer, completed 88 SAAR-N requests, and executed 140 RFCs, sustaining critical operations for ETD and supporting Wing detachments.

As Information Assurance Officer (IAO) for the Washington Planning Center, Petty Officer Clark made sure that the facilities were compliant.

As Information Assurance Leading Petty Officer, meticulously oversaw the IA program and enforced strict Network Security policy for all network users. His attention to detail strengthened the command's networks against network attacks and viruses.

Chief Morrison's diligence led to a 12 percent increase in Information Assurance and Vulnerability security patch assessment on the Secure Internet Protocol Network, directly improving network security and operational readiness. He expertly led MAHAN Network Administrators in the replacement of two hard drives on the Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network with no loss of data. He supervised the operation of critical Ballistic Missile Defense communications with no communication outages.

As Mine Countermeasures Crew SWERVE's Information Assurance Manager, she achieved Authorized to Operate certification for shipboard networks aboard USS DEVASTATOR and USS CHAMPION 60 days ahead of schedule. She trained personnel and assisted with network router configuration troubleshooting efforts aboard USS CHIEF, directly impacting CHIEF's ability to utilize the Global Command and Control System.

An IA and C&A Analyst for U.S. Fleet Forces, his approach to both Information Assurance and ertification and accreditation efforts have improved the backbone of fleet forces afloat accreditations. He created 100 Information Assurance work force files, ensuring all personnel were qualified for assigned billets, resulting in zero discrepancies during CCRI.

ET1 Cox ensured the COMSIXTHFLT MOC systems were maintained to the highest level of readiness. She arranged SEC PLUS training for C6F and NCTS personnel leading to an overall command qualification of 34 military and civilian personnel assigned to the Information Assurance (IA) workforce.

As the Departmental Information Assurance Manager, he oversaw the prompt creation of 210 Navy and Marine Corps Intranet accounts, 350 trouble tickets, destruction of 40 classified hard drives and the proper containment of 11 classified communication spillages. His efforts streamlined the process for submission of five Firewall Service Requests to support organizational messaging to the fleet.

As NSA Bahrain Information Assurance Officer, processed 336 Request for Changes and helped create 545 ONE-NET accounts. Spent over 2200 man hours maintaining Counter-Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (Crew) Equipment, vital to base security. Performed 180 man hours maintaining 15 boats involving Harbor Boat Security System.

Assistant to the Information Assurance Officer at NCTAMS Naples. His meticulous attention to network account requests, documentation presentation, traditional security posture, and unprecedented partnership with area network security teams contributed to bulletproof security. His relentless focus on identifying and correcting network security vulnerabilites throughout in excess of 7,000 hosts over six networks, revision of 35 Standard Operating Procedures, and constant coordination with network engineers mas a major factor in passing the 2015 inspection.

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