Personal Job Accomplishment/ Initiative

Responsibility, Quantity of Work

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Needs prodding to attain qualification or finish job
- Prioritizes poorly
- Avoids responsibility

- Productive and motivated
- Completes tasks and qualifications fully and on time
- Plans/prioritizes effectively
- Reliable, dependable, willingly accepts responsibility

- Energetic self-starter
- Completes tasks or qualifications early, better than expected
- Plans/prioritizes wisely and with exceptional foresight
- Seeks extra responsibility and takes on the hardest jobs

- Stellar Manager. She spearheaded the organization and filing of over 48 divisional personnel records. Additionally, she tracked over 200 administrative items, resulting in 100% accountability of vital (xx)-Division documents.

Singled out during INSURV for her hospitality and indefatigable effort EM3 has shown and proved her ability to work well under pressure.

- Excellent tactical performance as vehical operater for Field Training Exercise (FTX) 2012. Directly contributed to the execution of 10 line hauls to Camp Penelton, which enabled the near flawless tactical movement of over 550 Seabees and 90 pieces of CESE.

- with the CRSP team he inspected over 400 sea bags, 225 footlockers, 2700 weapons, 2200 tri-walls and inspected more than 225,000 total items

- volunteered to organize and review training records, his proactive analysis revealed several qualification problem areas which led to revising the training program and ultimately produced the best overall certification rate in group.

- Performed weekly preventive maintenance on the SPS-49 Very Long-Range Air Surveillance Radar, produced zero failures in 12 months, best rate in Strike Group!

- Instituted the coordination of multiple work crews via radio as dispatcher; reduced unnecessary trips by 30%

- Lost and Found representative; efforts resulted in recovery of over 1200 lost bags--unparalleled customer service

- Created a Mentorship Program, mentored 25 troops; 100% retention and increased education by 50%. Chaired 20 CDBs; ensured promotion of best; reinstituted the “Sailors Creed” recital during quarters, embraced, ensured tradition.

- Established critical satellite link with NCTAMS during Exercise Joint Warrior; tested equipment, circuit, and carrier path for reliability, provided error-free link, ensured reliable communications for USS Anzio group, ensured exercise success

- Trained 12 newly assigned personnel on crisis response procedures--significantly enhanced war-fighting abilities

- Prepared $27M vehicle fleet for largest typhoon ever--prevented damage, fleet 100% operational!

- Unit electromagnetic radiation safety officer; scheduled initial inspections--ensured reliable operations, prevented personnel injury

- Deployed to NAS Sigonella, Italy during NAF Lajes runway closure--aided operations by ensuring a smooth transition

- Planned, verified, scheduled, & processed eligibility of air cargo, passengers, and mail for airlift

- Spotted, stopped taxiing C-130 from colliding with fire bottle; vigilance and quick action prevented aircraft and equipment damage

- Conducted numerous interior/exterior sweeps of Pax terminal during latest exercise, ensured terminal security and operational readiness

- Isolated chronic cross-talk noise problem on site's tactical interface panel; identified inadequate shield grounding on signal cables; corrected long-standing discrepancy, restored interface capabilities with tactical systems

- Superior performer! Integral to the delivery of over 30M gallons of DFM fuel to more than 1,000 ships annually. Responded to over 1200 servicings, maintained an impressive 15-minute average response time

- Supported daily replenishment of F-76 fuel to special purpose vehicle fleet--guaranteed mission readiness

- Extensive technical knowledge; expert troubleshooting ability decreased equipment down time per quarter by 40%

- Assisted in delivering over 200K gallons of JP-5. Supported five temporarily assigned CH-53 Sea Stallions with zero delays

- Identified error in C2IPS installation guide--submitted change, resulted in COMSPOT that prevented loss of critical data and operational capability world wide

- Supervised implementation of both DMS and Navy SCI LCC aboard the Nimitz. Actions ensured smooth transition from legacy message system.

- Trained 7 Defense Message Center operators on new DMS and AMHS equipment and software--produced over 99% delivery rate

- Deployed as primary C2IPS/CTAPS system administrator for Exercise AMAN 2007. Established CTAPS network in CVIC in record time--excellent mission support!

- Troubleshot over 350 PC and circuit outages to resolution; professional support to ship personnel

- Scheduled both recurring and emergency maintenance on work center equipment ensuring data on target at 99% rate!

- Maintained shift schedule, training, equipment and Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) inventories--100% effective!

- Conducted daily heat stress evaluations; protected over 3,000 seaman and civilians across three piers

- Contributed 40 off-duty hours to environmental data migration; reviewed and brought 10 HAZMAT shop folders into compliance; exceeded COMSUBLANT goal by 20%

- Quickly mastered all facets of 7th Fleet's largest distribution element. Reduced workload on team and increased work center productivity by 25%.

- Quick decision making during exercise crisis response scenarios: executed post attack UXO sweeps and SABC for injured personnel

- Worked hand-in-hand with joint-service multi-national coalition forces. Overcame communication barriers, safely delivered 250K gallons of DFM fuel to Korean contingent

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