Personal Job Accomplishment/ Initiative

Responsibility, Quantity of Work

- Helped stand up the Fleet Readiness Center, established capabilities and priorities that produced immediate movement toward goals.

- Agile technical ability and foreward thinking directly responsible for successful transition from traditional three-level maintenance to evolving two-level standard

- Increased support to COMSECONDFLT and Joint Forces Command Naval aviation by streamlining maintenance procedures and processes which reduced time waiting for parts by 75%

- Diligent planning and inter-office coordination reduced workorder back log to lowest in 10 years, launched fleet with largest complement of aircraft to date

- Developed training program that capitalized on civilian depot maintenance experience raising Sailor qualifications and reducing need for outside assistance

- Directly and positively impacted the performance and careers of 79 personnel as the Mentorship Coordinator. Took over a failed program and completely revamped it, increasing participation by 80% and retention by 23%. Out of her 7 personal proteges, she produced the JSOY, two JSOQ and BJOQ.

- Continually seeks to improve himself by seeking advice from his superiors and incorporating their suggestions in his daily work

- Accomplished 98 of 110 qualification and certification tasks; 75% completed on three hull types--ahead of peers

TRUE PROFESSIONAL! Efficient and perceptive CIC Watch Supervisor! Managed a seasoned watch team responsible for defense of 200 ship personnel. She maintained an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and coordinated efforts of key personnel to establish interlocking redundancy and teamwork; promises survival and success--best CIC in 6th Fleet!

DEDICATED MENTOR! As Command Mentor, she skillfully matched all sailors with competent mentors and facilitated the personal and professional development of the crew.

- Devoted to duty and willing to perform above what is expected.

- Performed pump tests at 11 stations, ensured optimum readiness of the fleet and contributed to an Excellent rating in the Nov 05 INSURV Inspection

- Displays strong knowledge of responsibilities and thoroughly understands all aspects of job.

- Oversaw On-the-job training program resulting in 6 sailors receiving their certification ahead of schedule

- Excels in identifying new areas of opportunities and seizes all opportunities to take on new assignments.

- Consistently achieves the highest standard of excellence and displays pride in work.

- Constructed bulletin board displays; provided 13,000 annual patients with preventive eyecare information

- Dedicated to excellence. Orchestrated relocation of clinic's diagnostic equipment, reduced required patient travel by 50%.

- Implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 400 man-hours saved and shortages reduced 25% over a six month period

- Received trans-load training; decontaminated/stored pallets while in MOPP4--ready for any combat eventuality!

- Volunteered to augment NAS Norfolk ramp services during peak hours; loaded 747 cargo in summer heat--great team player!

- Moved 20,000 passengers and 400 short tons of baggage with zero aircraft delays--extremely proficient team member!

- Stellar up-keep of $5,000,000 vehicle fleet--achieved 99% in-commission rate--best mission readiness rates in memory

- Building custodian for $12M passenger terminal--presented travelers with excellent first impression of Navy-Air Mobility Command

- Maintained land mobile radio system--guaranteed critical communications at all times--always prepared!

- Tireless achiever; maintained 100% on-time departure rate during Joint Exercise Noble Anvil

- Provided baggage/staircase support for POTUS entourage during visit to Lajes--safe and efficient operation

- Solved numerous problems with remote terminals--traced connection failures like a pro!

- Planned and implemented direct internet connection for C2IPS system on USS Independence in support of SOUTHERN WATCH. Her actions produced a reliable network connection and increased joint intelligence and planning capability.

- HM3 Snyder spearheaded the medical plan for the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Challenge. He soley put together a very thorough and in depth plan in order to provide support for all Active Duty and Civilian participants. He coordinated all aspects including communication with the fire department and base personnel, met on various occasions with the Commanding Officer and other key personnel for the race, and assigned all the medical personnel to their positions. In addition to being in charge of such a complex operation despite his pay grade, HM3 Snyder put in countless hours of time and effort.

- Unselfish Teamwork. His unrelenting dedication to getting the job done resulted in a grade of outstanding on the Airfield Arresting Gear Recertification Inspection.

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