Navy Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation, Crossrate

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to highly recommend BMSN Costantino for possibility to crossrate to the Legalman community. In my capacity as her prior LCPO onboard the USS FORT WORTH, I have had the pleasure of working closely with BMSN Costantino, and I am consistently impressed by her exceptional work ethic, motivation, and dedication. BMSN Costantino is an outstanding individual who approaches every task with enthusiasm and a strong commitment to excellence. Her unwavering determination and willingness to go above and beyond expectations make her a valuable asset to any team or project. BMSN Costantino consistently demonstrates her ability to deliver results of the highest quality.

Moreover, BMSN Costantino's positive attitude, professionalism, and strong interpersonal skills makes it a pleasure to work with. She is adept at collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and is always willing to offer support and assistance whenever needed. Her reliability and dependability are truly commendable, and I have full confidence in their ability to succeed in any endeavor they undertake.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse BMSN Costantino and believe that she would be an excellent addition to the Legal community. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information or assistance regarding BMSN Costantino's qualifications and capabilities.

Very Respectfully
OSC(SW) Reinoso, Matthew
Command DAPA
Phone: (777) 123-4567 ext: 89012

Letter of Recommendation, School

I enthusiastically endorse HM3 Sailor's application for admission to the Advanced X-Ray Technician School. My collaboration with her over six months at NMRTC New England in Newport, Rhode Island has been exceptional. HM3 Sailor embodies the qualities that make her an outstanding candidate for your esteemed program. HM3 Sailor's unwavering passion for radiology and her aspiration to excel as an advanced X-ray technician is evident in her consistent display of a strong work ethic, dedication to patient care, and a sincere enthusiasm for continuous learning and growth within the medical field. Her commitment to professionalism and meticulous attention to detail are the cornerstones of her practice, guaranteeing precise and high-quality patient care.

Letter of Recommendation, Commissioning


1. Reviewing CS1's record and performance has solidified my belief in his proven leadership abilities. His motivation and drive is evident in his accomplishments as a fully qualified FCPO. His sustained superior performance began at his initial duty station aboard USS FORT MCHENERY (LSD43) where he earned his Enlisted Surface Warfare pin in the first six months on board as well as developing JQRs for LSs and RSs to increase his knowledge of the Supply Department. He developed into the top Second Class onboard earning OOD as one of the few Second Classes capable of standing the watch, while also becoming an integral member of the ATTT team. He has always sought out demanding and challenging jobs to better support the mission and his career. Following his first tour, he was assigned as an A- School instructor at NTTC Fort Lee where he earned Sailor of the Year, a Meritorious Service Award, and obtained his Master Training Specialty. CS1 trained and mentored over 4,500 students to serve in the fleet as culinary specialists while ensuring to continue to consistently develop himself by attending the advance culinary course and Vegan training, and serving as a member of the Joint Color Guard at Fort Lee. He worked diligently to establish the MWR program which became a foundational service at the command. These accomplishments show you just who Petty Officer Turner is: a selfless, confident leader that is willing to take on any challenge assigned to him.

2. CS1 Turner checked into the LCSRON Train to Qualify program in August 31, 2020 and continued his superior performance. He quickly qualified in all areas assigned to him, becoming ACC 100 qualified in two months to check in early and contribute to the initial Gold Crew move aboard USS Indianapolis. As Supply Department's LPO and Food Services LCS he was directly responsible for one LS and three CSs in his department. While also training thirty-five reservist on the inner workings of the supply department on board. Practicing the LCS mantra of next Sailor up, CS1 is well-versed in the roles and responsibilities of our Supply Officer and has stepped up to fill that role multiple times. He ensured that all parts required for MOB-E certification were readily available directly supporting the ship's mission to qualify for deployment. He assisted the Senior watchbill coordinator in writing 85 watchbills ensuring all watchstanding requirements were met for various ships evolutions and qualifications, and watches were manned by properly trained and qualified personnel. He stepped into the 3MA role, overseeing the maintenance and implementation of three force revisions and was vital in Supply Department earning a 97% on the 3M inspection, which was the highest onboard. Working to support missions outside of his department, CS1 has stepped up and earned his Antiterrorism Watch Officer qualification as well as filling the role of the Supply Officer onboard. He leads two command programs, Multicultural Committee and Sailor 360 with no khaki leadership. I have been and am always confident in CS1's work, work ethic, and dedication to the command and the Navy.

3. CS1 Turner's career shows strong self-motivation and an attitude that exemplifies the Navy's concept of pride and professionalism. A proven leader who always produces results surpassing command objectives and possessing a genuine desire for commissioned service. He is an outstanding candidate for selection as a LDO. I am strongly recommending CS1 Turner for immediate selection to Supply Corps LDO. We need him in the wardroom immediately!

4. I approved the following appraisal board members for CS1 Turner's application: RADM George Bresnihan (3100) LCDR (6410), and CWO5 Benny Brockington.

5. I certify that the applicant has been provided copies of all enclosures to this application as well as a copy of this endorsement. My command point of contact is LT Joe Huskey and can be reach by email at or by phone at (904) 123-4567.

J. J. Diaz
Commanding Officer

Letter of Recommendation, Commissioning

1. Please accept this letter as my strongest possible personal recommendation for Intelligence Specialist First Class Name to be accepted for commissioning as a Naval Officer. If you have only one selection, IS1 Name is your pick!

2. I have had the opportunity to observe IS1 Name in action here in *region*. An extraordinary Petty Officer, she demonstrates the maturity, leadership, and dedication we seek in our officer corps. You will not find a more impressive candidate. Promoted to First Class Petty Officer during her first month at *UNIT*, she has not looked back. Our "subject matter expert" on the countries of *country* and *country*, she is an articulate analyst and a polished briefer, providing numerous updates to the Commanding General and the entire *unit* leadership team. She is confident, poised, and professional.

3. Engaged and active across the staff, Petty Officer Name has devoted herself to self improvement, fearlessly taking on leadership positions usually filled by more senior non-commissioned officers. Performing brilliantly as the LPO of her CPO 365 ship, she also volunteered as a Command Fitness Leader and Command Foreign Disclosure Representative. Setting an outstanding example, everyone on the staff knows Petty Officer Name!

4. l could go on and on, but I am confident a review of her record will prove she has all the tools to excel as a Naval Officer. I look forward to welcoming Ensign Name into the officer wardroom and have no doubt she will serve the intelligence community, our navy, and our nation with pride and zeal. If I can provide any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Letter of Recommendation to Law School

1. It is with great pleasure that I write this letter recommending Mineman First Class Paige V. Barrett for admission to Florida Coastal School of Law. I have had the opportunity to observe Petty Officer Barrett since Fall 2017. She is an extraordinary Sailor and continues to demonstrate the maturity, leadership, and dedication we seek in our Navy. You will not find a more impressive candidate!

2. Petty Officer Barrett leads from the front! She was my pick as CHARLESTON's Sailor of the Quarter and was awarded Sailor of the Year by Commander, Littoral Combat Ship Squadron ONE. She is responsible for managing all correspondence, identifying and correcting pay issues, and maintaining over 74 personnel records. In the last year she processed seven reenlistment contracts and 16 extension contracts which resulted in over $30,000 worth of reenlistment bonuses across the command. Further showing her commitment to Shipmates, she volunteered to become a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate, a 24/7 responsibility to provide support to those who might experience sexual assault. This required over 40 hours of training during off-duty hours, all after completion of 22 initial classroom hours.

3. Exemplifying her commitment to excellence, she completed her Associates of Arts in General Studies in February of 2017 and Bachelors of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies in August of 2018. All her academic work was done while serving the United States Navy with honor. Paige knows how to manage her time better than any of her peers!

4. Paige is a community servant! She has volunteered over 150 hours as a Crisis Text Line Counselor, worked with special needs teens throughout the San Diego area through an organization called Adventure Club, and dedicated countless hours preparing and serving food to families living in the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego at Radys Children's Hospital.

5. As a former Assistant Professor at the University of San Diego and San Diego State University, I know firsthand what it takes to be a successful student. I also know how important it is to admit students who will carry on the reputation of the institution from where they obtain their degree. No University or School can sustain such a prestigious reputation as yours without successful alumni. Paige is exactly who you want to represent you as a student and graduate. I am confident a review of her record will prove she has all the tools to excel as a law student at Florida Coastal School of Law. The day she graduates, all previous degrees earned from your school will inflate immediately. She is simply that special. Waste no time debating on her admission and accept her application immediately. If I can provide any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Letter of Recommendation for Special Duty

Airman Armstrong has my strongest possible recommendation for selection to the Dive Medical Technician/Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Program. Standing a cut above his peers, he is a prime example of the Navy Core Values, a superior leader, manager, and organizer, who exhibits virtually unlimited potential. Airman Armstrong's appearance both on and off duty is a model for junior Sailors to emulate. He is guaranteed to excel as a member of the Corpsman Community.

Letter of Recommendation for Advancement

1. Petty Officer Armstrong serves the Navy above and beyond the call of duty through her expert and skilled leadership of both her peers and junior Sailors alike. She requires no rudder as she consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership and unrivaled determination in helping NIOC Norfolk to achieve its mission.

2. Building upon the foundation of Sailorization, she provides directional insight for her junior Sailors to successfully navigate through the challenges and early stages of their Naval careers. As a poised intelligence professional, Petty Officer Armstrong was hand-selected among a group of highly competitive peers to represent her work center in briefing the quarterly Cyber threat briefs to the highest levels of command leadership.

Letter of Recommendation for FTS Program

This letter is my personal recommendation for Petty Officer Bingham. Until just recently, I have been Bingham's immediate supervisor for several years. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.

Besides being a joy to work with, LS3 is a take-charge person whose leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the unit. Though she was an asset to our unit, LS3 was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the NOSC. I highly recommend Petty office Bingham for the FTS program. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Letter of Recommendation, Enlistment in Navy

This letter is my personal recommendation for Justin's Gersner's enlistment in the United States Navy. He is extremely intelligent, loyal, dependable and will be a great asset to whatever rate and/or rank he desires to achieve.

As he has proved in his current employment, he is a very quick learner, has achieved a supervisory position in a short period of time and shows leadership abilities which will serve the Navy well. Personally, I've come to think of Justin as a friend because of strong moral character, his devotion to his family and friends, his sense of responsibility and duty and I hope for that he decides to become a member of our family by becoming our son-in-law.

In conclusion, it would serve the interest of the United State Navy to seriously consider Justin Gersner's enlistment in becoming a member of your branch.

Letter of Recommendation for U.S. Navy

Letter of Recommendation: James S. Sutterlin
17 North Chatsworth Ave. Apt. 6KL
Larchmont, NY 10538

Telephone and Fax 914 834 3902

May 8, 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a retired Foreign Service Officer (Inspector General of the Foreign Service), a retired senior member of the United Nations Secretariat, and Distinguished Fellow and Instructor at Yale University. I am writing this memorandum to recommend Forrest Weaver for admission to the United States Navy. Because of my need for various types of assistance since my retirement, I engaged the services of Mr. Weaver to help me, on the recommendation of one of his professors at the graduate school of the City University of New York in which he is now enrolled. Forrest Weaver has now been working for me for almost one year. His tasks are manifold, including maintenance of my financial records, payment of my obligations, summarizing for me incoming correspondence, including scholarly and literary works, and assisting me in the academic and literary writing that I undertake. To perform these functions Mr. Weaver requires a broad education and a keen intelligence.

Forrest Weaver meets all of the requirements listed above. His educational background covers both scientific and humanistic criteria. He is quick in grasping the sense of what is needed, whether it be in the maintenance of a bank account or the correction of a literary composition. He is always willing to learn if new knowledge is needed in completing his work. He has the initiative and the independence of mind to suggest corrections or improvements in works in progress when this may be in order. In summary, I have come to value his assistance highly as a young man of great promise in whatever career he may choose.

Mr. Weaver has spoken to me about various career options that he has considered and has told me of his decision to apply for admission to the United States Navy. He told me that he has given this extensive thought, taking into account, among other things, that there is some history in his family of service in the Navy. I believe that he will make a loyal, skillful and nimble Navy officer. He has shown, in my opinion, all the necessary attributes (I'm familiar with the scores of the tests he has taken). I can recommend Forrest Weaver, without reservation, for acceptance and service in the United States Navy.

James S. Sutterlin
United States Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
Senior Assistant and Speechwriter for the United Nations Secretary General
Distinguished Fellow and Instructor, Yale University
Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Long Island University

Letter of Recommendation for Special Duty

21 February 2013

Letter of Recommendation:



SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Petty Officer Second Class (First Last)

1. I am pleased to provide my strongest recommendation for Petty Officer Second Class (First Last) to hold your next position as an instructor for (Job). She is a dynamic individual with impeccable bearing, positive attitude, and tireless work ethic. Moreover, her talents and leadership qualities have been instrumental towards a variety of domains, which have made people around her professionally grow and possess infectious unions.

2. (Name) is the type of Sailor we need leading from the front. Furthermore, she is what I consider to be a “hard charger”; outshining her peers by multiple degrees. I have known her since (date), and during that time, she has impressed me as a bright, articulate, enthusiastic, reliable and very capable NCO and person. As her (how you know her, supervisor), there were many times I relied on her to perform tasks; she came through each time without complaint or hesitation. What’s more is she would be the one I leaned on to keep the department organized, productive, and within standards as she shared her experiences and knowledge to keep the integrity of what the Navy expects from our future Sailors, thus earning Sailor of the Year.

3. As a (duty position), (name) has proven her performance ability since the start of her career. She has pursued several managerial and public opportunities, to include: managing the (...), coordinating deployment processing lines, and overseeing (...). Her primary duties aren’t the only activities that are noteworthy; she has also demonstrated an adept speaking aptitude: educating 1,500 deployers on (...), and reading scripts at the unit commander’s call. As you can see, she is the complete package and if I were the hiring authority, I would hire her in an instant!

4. Having been an (your experience or position)and having (X) years of Navy experience, I understand what it takes to fulfill a high profile “special duty.” So again, I urge you to consider Andrea(name) for the position and I guarantee she will not disappoint; rather, she will continue to excel in this important duty. If you need additional information or would like to discuss my recommendation in greater detail, please contact me at DSN XXX-XXXX during normal duty hours Pacific Time or email me at

Letter of Recommendation for Supervisory Position

26 Dec 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

I have known Jayce Yeager for over two years (2008 - 2010). I was an immediate supervisor during his employment here at the Napa Distribution Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Jayce's responsibility was to keep the different sections of the DC stocked with appropriate product in that area. He worked in all the sections of the DC and was familiar with all the functions necessary for the DC to operate.

Jayce didn't require supervision and always completed his responsibilities as quickly as possible. His assigned area was always among the best stocked and neatest in the store. When he finished his duties, he frequently assisted other employees in their areas. He was well liked and an asset to our store. His co-workers frequently depended on his advice and his versatile and outstanding performance was recognized by DC management. He went beyond his duties as stocker and went on to will call position. Which is a function at the DC to pick parts for the local stores that are high priority.

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Jayce for any position he applies for. He is an intelligent, dependable, and capable worker. In my opinion he has all the skills necessary to be an effective supervisor and I hope that his next position is more challenging and rewarding because he certainly deserves it. His loyalty is beyond reproach.

Cheryl Warren
Quality Assurance Manager
NAPA Alaska


SUBJECT: Recommendation for Special Duty XXXXXXXX

1. Staff Sergeant Roscoe P. Coleman, 123-45-6789, is an intelligent, mature individual who learns easily, retains what he is taught, and is able to apply his knowledge in his daily work. He always produces quality work, even under stress, and is completely reliable. Sergeant Coleman's job performance is outstanding. In addition, he communicates well with supervisors and peers alike. He's also very courteous and his appearance is an example to others.

2. Sergeant Coleman would be an excellent choice for this sensitive position and I recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation.

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