Liaison Eval Statements

Translated the deploying unit's requirements into terms the Army could support.

As the Command appointed Liaison to diverse community organizations and volunteer services, he tirelessly represented Navy families and personally coordinated dozens of clinical assessments, treatments and services for community members involved in incidents of child and family maltreatment.

Represented the interests of the Fleet and ensured all conference attendees understood their responsibilities.

As expeditor for the Regimental 43 office, he has been a crucial liaison between the Seabees throughout the AOR, the contractors and adjacent units to effect the mission readiness and overall capabilities of the NCF in theater.

Prevented loss of communications by arranging for the issue of short-term Joint/Coalition COMSEC tapes.

As Port Liaison for over 800 U.S. Navy ship visits in the United Arab Emirates, he closely coordinated with Security Forces, husbanding agents, port officials, immigration officers, and ship masters to execute all ship visits on time.

Attended all exercise-related meetings and recorded supported unit expectations. Relayed maintenance support requests to HQ.

As NJROTC Liaison, she instructed, advised and provided support to Bayview High School NJROTC and continued to generate involvement through unit field meets and inspections.

During Exercise Exotic Dancer IV, Petty Officer LAST NAME rendered outstanding service to this Command and to his parent unit in a liaison capacity with the Communications Platoon, 6th Marine Amphibious Brigade operating at Brigade Headquarters, Landing Zone Falcon, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Petty Officer LAST NAME repeatedly demonstrated superior technical skills and exceptional diligence in assisting this command with the installation and restoration of key circuits. His familiarity with several types of communications equipment seldom used by personnel of the Brigade facilitated excellent communications throughout the exercise.

As Naval Forces Liaison Officer, she served as Exercise Project Officer, Crisis Action Team member, Joint Operations planner and Operations Center Liaison Officer, coordinating maneuvering Naval forces which directly led to the success of three Joint State Funeral Training and Readiness Exercises, two Presidential State of the Union Addresses, and a Presidential Address to a Joint Session of Congress. Lieutenant Golf's strategic insight and attention to detail was critical in preparing detailed joint operation and planning products essential to homeland defense and civil support.

As Branch Chief-Liaison, enhanced the working partnership between the Coast Guard Auxiliary and BoatUS. She implemented a proposal that will allow Auxiliary volunteers to work in recreational boating safety activities conducted by BoatUS Foundation. This action allows the nonprofit BoatUS Foundation to receive additional support to work in the following RBS activities: 1) Administration of Grassroots Grant Program promoting environmentally clean boating education; 2) the life jacket loaner program for kids; 3) updates to Courseline, the web-based national database of safe boating classes; 4) the distribution of brochures advocating safe and clean boating; 5) distribution of EPIRBS; 6) environmental programs and education; 7) monofilament recycling; and, 8) oil-spill training materials and education.

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