Limited Duty Status/LIMDU Evals

Eval written for contuinuity purposes. Member is in second LIMDU term following all medical restrictions and medical care.

- LIMDU. Prior to being assigned to Naval Health Clinic Hawaii (NHCH), GSE Taylor was stationed onboard USS Hopper DDG-70 as a Maintenance Technician in Engineering for four GE LM-2500 and three Allison 501-K34 Engines and supporting equipment. Her collateral duties included Repair Parts Petty Officer (RPPO), Engineering Training Team, and Maintenance Assistant Module Custodian. As a qualified watch stander, her watch included Propulsion System Monitor, Import Equipment Monitor, Sound and Security, Engine Room Operator U/I, and Central Control Station U/I.

- ENTHUSIASTIC AND CAPABLE. While assigned to NHCH during Limited Duty Status, GSE3 Taylor worked as the Assistant LPO for the Emergency Management (EM)/ Safety Department and managed a 10,000 square foot Warehouse on Ford Island. As part of the internal remodel of Bldg 168, she inventoried over 100 pallets and both Makalapa and Kaneohe Bay Disaster Preparedness Lockers and accounted for 900 Atropine auto injectors in support of the Service Life Extension Program.

- SKILLED AND DEPENDABLE. Collected the command's 38 handheld radios and had them calibrated, secured, and redistributed to the appropriate clinics resulting in increased disaster readiness. Coordinated with the EM Director and established Incident Command System folders in preparation for the MED-IG/Joint Commission.

- MOTIVATED. Volunteered for K-Bay Clinic self-help project; unloaded, stored, and moved 33 pallets of new furniture into the Clinic and arranged the transport of 23 pieces of large furniture from Wahiawa DRMO to BLDG 168. Also served as the on-site POC for the installation of electrical wiring and oversaw contractor access and work for 7 days resulting in the timely opening for the clinic.

- SELF DRIVEN. Successfully completed 10 General Military Training Courses and 15 NKO courses contributing to the completion rate for the Command's annual GMT training requirements.

- MISSION FOCUSED. Contributed to the upkeep and cleanliness of 12 command spaces ensuring all spaces were fully sanitized to minimize the spread of COVID-19 virus.

- QUALITY LEADER. Volunteered to take charge and lead a four man team successfully completing the resurfacing and restoration of all passageways within the command. He was responsible of the ordering, procurement, and organization of the gear locker and conducted an inventory of 171 cleaning items, resulting in an efficient check out process of sanitation items within the command.

- TEAM PLAYER. Volunteered to be part of a four-man team that successfully completed the resurfacing and restoration of all passageways within the command. Assisted in the upkeep and cleanliness of 12 command spaces, significantly reducing and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 virus.

- EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE. Demonstrated a strong commitment to his duties while maintaining the daily cleanliness of command buildings. Strictly adhering to COVID-19 sanitation and preventive measure requirements, his enforcement of these directives resulted in increased mission readiness and a safe work environment.

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