Machinery Division Evals

Single handedly improved the military bearing and uniform standards of a floundering machinery division during a catastrophic voyage repair period. Heroically prevented flooding from countless sources through wizard-like expertise and experience in first time quality assurance. Provided long lasting mentorship to a down trodden division. Raised professional expertise in machinery division despite a complete lack of nuclear training. Chief Parker is an all around awesome dude.

As the Machinery Division Leading Petty Officer, his meticulous planning was critical to accomplishing two deployments and two Continuous Maintenance Availability periods, ensuring the ship's ability to perform national taskings.

Served as Calibration Petty Officer, Training Petty Officer and Repair Parts Petty Officer concurrently for two years and greatly contributed to Machinery Division's readiness. He oversaw the training and qualification of over 20 watchstations for seven junior personnel to ensure a lasting legacy in Machinery Division.

As Machinery Division Lead Petty Officer, he planned, coordinated, and executed an intense drydocking refit with nearly zero tolerance for delays in the schedule resulting in the ship undocking on time. His efforts resulted in achieving all desired maintenance including a complicated shaft replacement, multiple overdue primary maintenance items, and much needed corrective maintenace items resulting in recovering severely affected secondary maintenance accomplishment ratings.

Due to his outstanding professionalism and attention to detail, he was hand-selected as an Engineroom watchstander for two Operational Reactor Safeguards Examinations. As the Machinery Division Weight Handling Petty Officer, he meticulously maintained records for over 100 pieces of equipmental vital to the safe lifting and handling of onboard machinery and components.

Performed duties as the Machinery Division and Staff Training Group Leading Petty Officer. Successfully completed two Western Pacific Deployments, two Operational Reactor Safeguards Examinations, four Engineering Readiness Reviews, four Pre-Overseas Movement Availabilities, two Tactical Readiness Evaluations, ship change of homeport, and first 688 class Moored Training Ship Conversion. He stood up training programs for Engineering Department and established a Quality Assurance program and Career Development Team.

As the acting EDMC, he ensured the Engineering Department was prepared and trained following the largest ERP package ever attempted by Trident Refit Facility, Kings Bay. He ensured that 45 enlisted personnel and 20 junior officers were properly qualified and trained on the SERPO units and the VLRA battery installed during the upkeep. As MLCPO, he repaired the number one Coolant Charging Pump, this being the only time a CCP has ever failed or been reapired by the Navy. As MLCPO, he trained over 40 members of Machinery Division as well as 30 junior officers in the proper operation and maintenance of nuclear propulsion plants.

Reactor Control Leading Petty Officer. His ability to manage personnel and effectively coordinate an arduous refit period were instrumental in the completion of over 400 man-hours of preventative and corrective maintenance in a period of only three weeks. As the only First Class Petty Officer qualified as Engineering Duty Petty Officer, he provided much needed support to Machinery Division during Steam Generator Safety Valve testing, allowing the ship to meet all operational commitments.

Engineering Department Training Assistant and Machinery Division Leading Petty Officer. His dedication and leadership resulted in the highly sucessful completion of USS CALIFORNIA'S Post-Shakedown Availability and Post-Overhaul Reactor Safegards Exam.

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