Maintenance Chief Petty Officer Evals


-OUTSTANDING LEADER. Maintenance controller skillfully directed 220 personnel across 13 work centers in completing 12 Technical Directives, four special inspections, and 3,873 scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions totaling 5,808 man-hours. As High Risk Supervisor, he supervised 25 aircraft moves and 8 aircraft turn operations in support of the squadron, consistently maintaining 80% mission capable aircraft for CNO directive.
-MOTIVATED TEAM PLAYER. As Flight Line Coordinator, he led 30 personnel in the safe execution of 72 flight hours. As Flight Deck Coordinator during Neptune Hawk on Nellis AFB, he skillfully managed 60 personnel in all night events with a combined result of 98 percent sortie completion rate.
-HEAVILY INVOLVED. As Command Financial Counselor, he led three Command Financial Specialists in mentoring and supporting 250 personnel in financial decision making. Counseled nine personnel on vehicle purchases, for BAH requests, and Preparation to enter civilian life.


- ASTUTE MENTOR. Dedicated to the professional development of subordinates! His hands-on training increased squadron efficiency and flexibility by qualifying a Master Chief, X Chiefs, and X First Class Petty Officers as Safe-for-Flight.

As Maintenance Chief, he was an integral part of shaping the manning of future KC-130 squadrons during the transition to the KC-130J airframe. His efforts have directly contributed to the squadron completing 5,679 flight hours, 16,235 work orders, 33,457 maintenance man hours, one deployment in support of Central Command, numerous detachments in support of all active duty Marine Expeditionary Forces and numerous missions in support of external agencies around the globe.
MATURE LEADERSHIP. His superior management and leadership skills were instrumental in building and maintaining a maintenance department focused on achieving mission success while ensuring the squadron's tradition of excellence will continue well into the future.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. His prudent guidance earned the squadron the Chief of Naval Operations Aviation and Safety Award and passed four major inspections resulting in 95 percent of the programs being on-track and passing 98 percent of the practical applications and drills.

As Detachment Charlie's Maintenance Chief Petty Officer, he led 18 multi-skilled sailors during day to day operations to maintain and repair nine LCACs. He coordinated and supervised four Corrosion Control Inspections, removal and replacements of six Propellers, two APUs, three Air Conditioners, 55 skirt fingers, and one Right Angle Gear Box keeping four craft fully mission capable for six essential missions.
RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP. Took the lead in accounting for all Emergency Flexline Kits, Special Tools, and Maintenece required Hazardous material. Also coordinated with Expeditionary Strike Group THREE (ESG-3) to arrange the transfer of over 1 million dollars in repairables, repair parts, and consumables in support of RIMPAC exercises.
ALWAYS PREPARED. Managed the execution of emergency weld repairs to LC 57 Port Crush Box, CAMS B removal and replacement on LC 59, ADS corrective maintence on LC 59.
TECHNICAL MENTOR. Trained and oversaw in-rate training for five Gas Turbine Mechanics, one Gas Turbine Electrician, and one Electronics Technician. Streamlined the basic qualifications and ESWS program between the ship and embarked staff, qualifying Advanced Damage Control, 3M Maintenance Man, and Repair Parts Petty Officer.

Served as the Aviation Maintenance Chief for the newly established VMX-22 F-35B OT&E Detachment, as part of the multi-Service, multi-national JSF Operational Test Team (JOTT), Edwards AFB CA. Chief Cox was directly responsible for the successful stand-up and integration of the Detachment Aviation Maintenance department within the highly complex JOTT environment.

Acted as the MCM Maintenance Chief onboard the USS PONCE during the OPERATION CLEAN TRIDENT Exercise. His intrusive managerial skills led to the successful deployment of four AN/AQS-24A systems which facilitated the location of simulated mines by aircrew in minimal time.

As Maintenance Chief, he efficiently managed 78 pieces of Civil Engineer Support Equipment valued at more than $20 million while directly supervising 13 mechanics and representing the interests of the Detachment's 23 junior enlisted sailors.

As maintenance chief, using innovation and initiative, he implemented a maintenance program that provided superior maintenance support to a multitude of units across Marine Forces Reserve. Coordinating with outside organizations, he ensured that parts were readily available, decreasing the turn around time and improving efficiency throughout the maintenance process. His expansive knowledge of maintenance resulted in the flawless submission and tracking of repairs in the Global Combat Support System.

Served as Maintenance Chief with Detachment 4, Maintenance Company, during Operation AFRICAN LION. He enthusiastically took charge of the maintenance shop of the Forward Operating Base, Tan-Tan, and overcame dire communication and electronic obstacles in order to continue reliable and critical communications with allied forces. Due to his unwavering determination, critical mission deadlines were not only met but exceeded.

As Camp Maintenance Chief, he supervised the completion of 123 work requests and 66 mandays of quality construction, saving the Navy $33,700 in contractor costs.

Chief Sullivan's performance as Maintenance Chief built productive relationships with key personnel from FRCSE Depot military and civilian staff. Providing expert leadership, he supervised 17 civilian personnel, increasing FA-18E/F aircraft delivery over the previous six months by 30 percent, while simultaneously qualifying three Military Safe for Flight and two civilians. He served as the liaison between the Navy and related industry representatives, increasing Planned Maintenance Induction by 40 percent. He ensured the complete and accurate Functional Check Flights of 88 aircraft and returned 44 to duty fleet wide.

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