Managers Internal Control Program (MICP) Evals

Provided support for N3/7 during a transition of the senior staff and served as the Internal Program Auditor in preparation for Navy Region Southeast (NRSE), Reserve Component Command (RCC) Fort Worth (FTW) first ever trienniel inspection conducted by Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) Inspector General (IG).

Created a comprehensive evaluation tool that included a grading scale for 59 programs based on the Navy Reserve Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP). The spreadsheet he created allowed NRSE RCC FTW program managers to provide feedback to the staff and leadership regarding the relative health and progress of programs throughout the command. It also provided quantifiable metrics for briefing leadership, identifying possible systemic issues and trends and streamlining the self-assessment process.

Provided periodic briefs to the Commander, Chief Staff Officer (CSO), and Command Master Chief (CMDCM) regarding the progress of all programs and adjustments needed to improve marginal or failing programs. He consistently maintained weekly overview status reports for all programs to ensure continuous situational awareness, program improvement, and identification of programmatic shortfalls.

His hard work and dedication were instrumental in NRSE RCC FTW programs showing improvement from 70% satisfactory in September 2022 to over 90% satisfactory by February 2023. The outcome of the inspection was an overall satisfactory for NRSE RCC FTW with unsatisfactory programs having been identified prior to the inspection and already showing improvement.

- Led Professional Mariner's Directorate through a superb Training Activity Assessment Program (TAAP) and Managers Internal Control Program (MICP) evaluations; proficiently maintained all administrative matters for 33 instructors' training records, curriculum revisions, and academic test banks.

GMC took over the PPM program while correcting 365 errors between physical assets and the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) that has a total inventory of 1190 items valued at 24 million dollars. His determination led to the first CSCS domain satisfactory score given to PPM during the Managers Internal Control Program (MICP) inspection.

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