Material Liaison Office (MLO)

Assistant warehouse manager for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Three's Material Liaison Office. BU3 revised and reorganized the MLO process by creating an efficient process which inventoried, ordered, and networked through the prime vendor. BU3 maintains an inventory of over $500,000 of materials for the Battalion's projects.

VERSATILE AND MOTIVATED. He aggressively performed duties as the MLO expediter, with the inventory, receipt, and issue of over 4,000 square feet of plywood, 3,200 linear feet of heavy timber and 5,520 linear feet of lumber.
TEAM PLAYER. During the Battalion's field exercise, volunteered to work the galley as an FSA while simultaneously assisting with installation and upgrade of the Camp's electrical system. Also volunteered for and participated in two security patrols which greatly enhanced the Battalion's mission effectiveness during the field exercise.

As the CTR and MLO Manager, she managed and controlled over $530K in assets with zero discrepancies or losses. As project supervisor for the MWR Facility Project, she oversaw the successful completion of a 2000 square foot MWR facility which provided the first ever morale and recreation facility for over 1600 Camp residents. She also supervised the construction of five Alaska Tent berthing facilities for Camp Nathan Smith (CNS) and adjacent tactical outposts in support of the U.S. Army 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. As Project Supervisor for the USFOR-A Military K-9 Housing and Operation Center Project, BU2 provided critical infrastructure for CIED operations on CNS and throughout Kandahar City.

As MLO Chief, he efficiently procured materials (at no additional cost) for the completion of six projects and 13 technical trainer modules consisting of 1,200 line items valued at more than $250,000. Facilitated battalion turnover with NMCB 1 while deployed with DET Guam. He oversaw the wall-to-wall inventory of over 7500 line items of Class IV supply materials valued at $100K. His remarkable organizational skills ensured resource deadlines were met or exceeded, leading to the overall improved readiness of Naval Mobile Construction Battalions One Three Three, Four and Eleven.

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