Meritorious Service Medal Recommendation

Ref: SECNAVINST 1650.1H, Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual

Ref: OPNAV 1650/3, Personal Award Recommendation

INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPNAV 1650/3 Personal Award Recommendation

FROM: Include command long and short titles of the originator listed in block 22 with complete address and a point of contact (POC) and DSN phone number.

TO: Proper awarding authority (see SECNAVINST 1650.1G, Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual, Appendix B, chapter 1) with complete address and UIC.

1. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: Social Security Number of the person who is being recommended for an award.


a. DESIG is for officer designator, such as 1110, 1705, etc.

b. NEC is Navy Enlisted Classification Code. The primary NEC should be used. If the person has no code, enter 0000 (four zeros).

c. MOS: This is the USMC Military Occupational Specialty.

3. NAME. Type the person's last name first (ALL CAPITAL LETTERS), followed by a comma (,), then type first name, middle initial and any suffixes, i.e., Jr., Sr., II, III etc.

4. COMPONENT: As shown on the form, either USN, USNR, USNR (TAR), USNR-R, USMC, or USMCR.

5. GRADE/RATE: For the person being recommended use the authorized abbreviation, i.e., CAPT, CDR, LCDR, LT, LTJG, ENS, CW04, YNCM, YNC, or DPSA. (Don't use O2, E7, E5 etc.)

6. WARFARE DESIGNATOR: Use primary warfare designator, e.g., SW, AW, etc. If multiple, only the first one will be recognized.

7. UIC/RUIC: This is the Unit Identification Code (UIC) to which the person was/is assigned during the period of recommended award.

8. RECOMMENDED AWARD: MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL, use appropriate 2 letter code from back of form (MM).

9. SPECIFIC ACHIEVEMENT. Mark Yes if award is for specific achievement. If award is a tour award, mark No.

10. SELF-EXPLANATORY. The majority of peacetime awards will be "meritorious".

11. NUMBER OF AWARD OF THIS MEDAL: If the person being recommended has never received the recommended award, type in "FIRST". If this will be "second" or "third" in kind, then so indicate, e.g., "SECOND", "THIRD", etc.

12. ACTION DATE/MERITORIOUS PERIOD: This block requests the complete start/stop dates of period covered for recommended award.


14. EXP. OF ACTIVE DUTY: For officers, this is usually "INDEFINITE," unless the officer is retiring or otherwise leaving the Naval Service, in which case, type in retirement date or last day of active duty. For enlisted personnel, type in EAOS (expiration of active obligated service).

15. EST. DETACHMENT DATE: The date the person is scheduled to depart the command, whether departing for PCS or terminal leave. Include exact date if known. Mark appropriate box - retirement etc. If ceremony is scheduled on a different date, type it in parenthesis, i.e., (ceremony 17 May 2001).

16. NEW DUTY STATION: Type in the SNDL-authorized short title of the new duty station and full mailing address, including ZIP code. If the individual is retiring or leaving the service, type in full HOME address, including ZIP code. (This is of utmost importance.)

17. UNIT AT TIME OF ACTION/SERVICE: The unit to which the individual being recommended was assigned during the period covered by the proposed award.

18. DUTY ASSIGNMENT: Type in a brief general description of the person's title during the period the award is recommended for, e.g., Commanding Officer, OPS Officer, Flight Instructor, Flag Writer, Command Master Chief, Clerk, etc.

19. PREVIOUS PERSONAL DECORATIONS AND PERIOD RECOGNIZED: A personal decoration is one that is listed in 1650.1G Chapter 2. Examples of personal decorations are the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal. Do not list Service awards (such as the Navy Good Conduct Medal) or Unit awards (such as the Navy Unit Commendation). Ensure the period covered for each personal award is included. Attach a copy of any award(s) which overlap the period of the recommended award.

20. PERSONAL AWARDS RECOMMENDED - NOT YET APPROVED: Normally, "NONE." Usually used for combat awards.

21. OTHER PERSONNEL BEING RECOMMENDED FOR SAME ACTION: Normally, "NONE." For life-saving actions when a group is recommended for the same action, list other personnel. Forward awards together.

22. NAME, GRADE, TITLE OF ORIGINATOR: For example, John P. Jones, RADM, Director of Naval Intelligence. The originator must sign and date the form as well as check one of the two boxes above the signature block.

23. FORWARDING ENDORSEMENTS: As required by the chain of command.

24. To be completed by the Awarding Authority. This must be completed by the command making final disposition. Use the two-letter code for the approved award and check the appropriate boxes. All awarding authorities must sign and date the approval. (Signature should correspond to the "To: (Awarding Authority) Block" above.

25. SUMMARY OF ACTION: Enter justification for the recommended award. For Marine Corps, all awards require a bullet summary. Specific information/accomplishments are essential to the narrative summary. Ensure that the dates in Block 11 match the dates in Block 25, as well as the dates in the proposed citation. A one-page summary of action will suffice in most cases.


Examples can be contributed using this form. Thanks!