Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler

As the Troop Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) handler, participated in 20 training exercises and 25 hours of tactical canine training. He brought new techniques of employment to a variety of partner forces and instructed them on the various benefits that the MPC can bring to operational capabilities in the Indo-Pacom region.


PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE: As a QASO, she assisted in the training of one Team Member. Additionally as the Alternate Explosive Custodian, she ensured the safe handling, accountability and transportaion of 9 pounds of 1.1.D mass detonation explosives during 48 explosive evolutions with zero mishaps. Moreover, she successfully sentenced and transported the expired kit to receive the new kit with no mishaps transporting 34 pounds of 1.1D mass detonation explosives.
MOTIVATED AND CAPABLE. Her proven high quality work ethic, meticulous organizational ability, and potential for increased responsibility resulted in her selection for a U.S. Secret Service Mission.
COMMUNITY MINDED: Petty Officer Fulton dedicated her off-duty time to conduct community service in multiple facets of the command.

Petty Officer Fulton is a proven performer who radiates energy and enthusiasm, boosting morale in the work place. She continuously seeks advice from her supervisors and other shipmates to improve her performance and implements them in her daily tasks.

As the only E5 Qualification Certification board member, she successfully qualified and trained four Quality Assurance/ Safety Observers (QA/SO) and one Team Member. Additionally as the Primary Explosive Custodian, she ensured the safe handling, accountability and transportation of 17 pounds of 1.1D mass detonation explosives during 50 explosive evolutions, with zero mishaps. Furthermore she took the program through Explosive Safety Self-Assessment and scored satisfactory along with receiving zero hits during a regional assessment for FY##.

As Military Working Dog Handler, she completed 325 Random Antiterrorism Measures, 32 MWD Command Authorized Inspection sweeps, 3,100 vehicle inspections, and conducted 325 hours of patrolling on six installations throughout the region; ensured the safety and security of 80 tenant commands, 19 high value assets, and nearly 40,000 personnel aboard the installation. As QASO she led 23 explosive handling evolutions resulting in 100% certification of 14 MWDs.

As the Military Working Dog (MWD) LPO, expertly managed seven MWDs, five handlers and two kennel support in the execution of 3,240 hours of detection and patrol utilization resulting in an enhanced Force Protection readiness posture. Professional knowledge resulted with the success of Explosive Safety Inspection, Regional MWD Assessment, and Drug Inspection which are mission critical inspections.

As the Military Working Dog (MWD) Kennel Master, he expertly led and managed 8 Military Working Dogs, 5 handlers and six Kennel Support personnel in the execution of a 2 1/2 year mission comprised of 5,100 hours of utilization in searches of 20,300 vehicles, 15,000 pieces of baggage, 2345 barracks rooms, 1234 open areas, and 2345 buildings resulting in an enhanced Force Protection readiness posture.

His leadership was instrumental in two NCIS STAAT assessments during which he achieved a score of at least 95% on each assessment. His kennel was selected twice as CNRSW's Top Kennel. Ensured NBVC always had the best MWDs in the region of over 50 dogs. Guided 4 MWD teams, successfully supporting 20 U.S. Secret Service missions for POTUS, FLOTUS, VPOTUS, SECDEF, and UNGA visits, directly contributing to the success of these critical personal protection missions.

Petty Officer Sizemore made a positive impact on the success of the Naval Air Station Sigonella Security Department. Serving as a Team leader for the largest deployable kennel in the European Theatre, and as a Veterinary Liason and Supply Petty Officer, he was instrumental in the training and qualification of department personnel as well as the health and well being of 14 Military Working Dogs.

As a Team leader and Explosive Driver for the Military Working Dog Explosive Scent Kit, he consistently displayed exceptional competence and depth of professional knowledge in the execution of his responsibilities during Explosive Training evolutions with zero mishaps. He executed 200 hours of instruction for 12 Military Working Dog teams resulting in a 100% certification rate. His initiative and personal involvement were instrumental in the FY13 and FY14 NCIS Security Training Assessment and Assistance site visits.

As a Military Working Dog Handler, he conducted 1,200 hours of explosive sweeps for NAS Sigonella to include barracks, building, and vehicle inspections, which enhanced the overall safety and force protection of all personnel and Distinguished Visitors onboard the installation.

Hand selected to conduct sweeps with the Secret Service during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. He was attached to the Times Forum Convention Center and completed over 40 hours of explosive detection for both the Times Forum and surrounding buildings, in addition to 100 vehicle sweeps. He also completed over 80 hours of explosive sweeps at the Augusta Bay Pier and over 40 hours of Distinguished Visitor sweeps including the Air Terminal DV Lounge with vehicle sweeps for Distinguished Visitor Arrivals.

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