NCHB Eval Examples

HARDWORKING: During the training operation aboard the SS Denebola, GM2 worked towards earning her Hatch Captain Qualification and successfully passed her board. Throughout the operation, GM2 led deck operations while delegating hatch team members in order to directly impact the 627 safe and successful LO/LO of LSSVs, 35T trucks, 15T trucks, ship fenders, hatch covers, and the ship's ramp with no loss or damage to equipment or personnel. GM2 also instructed hatch team members on proper rigging techniques and aided in on-the-job opportunities for proficiency.

EXTREMELY STRONG WORK EITHIC. Continually produces excellent work center results. Petty Officer Jane Doe constantly demonstrates exceptional drive, dedication, and the desire to exceed the command's requirements at all levels. Overall, GM2 is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable sailor demonstrating desirable professionalism within her rate. She is an extremely vital part of NCHB-8's success.


SAILORIZATION. As Surface Bravo Leading Petty Officer, he guided 35 Sailors which resulted in two Sailors being awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, one Blue Jacket of the Quarter and 5 advancements including a Chief Petty Officer. Led 31 personnel hours of Cargo and EXW training in advance of ULTRA, resulted in 233 PQS entries; increasing readiness by 23%.
TECHNICAL EXPERT. During ULTRA, he was the senior trainer and Ship Supervisor for a team of 83 Sailors. Through diligent operating efforts, ensured the safe movement of 507 20-foot containers and 39 CESE with ZERO safety mishaps. Also managed 7 FRAGOs, achieved certification in INLS operations and exceeded throughout standards which reduced sail times during night ops. He conducted 52 personnel-hours of training that produced 15 Stevedores, four Crane Operators, four Hold Bosses and three Ship Supervisors qualifications. His stellar performance stemmed an excellent ULTRA score of 85%, awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

RESPECTED LEADER: He was hand selected by the command's Operations Officer and Senior Chief as NCHB 13 Surface Cargo Operations LPO (S3), contributed 21 hours in a three month period to planning and coordinating surface cargo operations for the battalion's ULT. Under his direction and guidance, NCHB 13's surface companies received the highest evaluation during ULT of any other command in the Regiment.
SUPERB MANAGER: PO1 led maritime cargo training as a Ship Supervisor, a position normally held by a seasoned Chief. He flawlessly directed his teams during ULT and signed 707 line items on the cargo PQS book for 43 Sailors; He sat three EXW boards for five Sailors; gave Hatch Box training to 28 Sailors. His hard work and dedication resulted in a significant increase in command readiness as he was directly responsible for qualifying 14 Stevedores, nine Crane Operators, five Hold/Pier Bosses, and five EXW Specialists.

Acted as her Battalion's Training Petty Officer for NCHB-14. Her astute administrations led to the battalion's qualification of 3 Hatch Captains, 9 Hold Bosses, 3 Crane Operators and 5 Stevedores, increasing training readiness from 69% to 79%. In addition, she tracked 17 school requests for professional development and 23 GMTs for 37 unit sailors resulting in a 98% fill rate for FY-16 GMTs and 11 watch bill revisions, optimizing more than 70 watch station assignments and their corresponding readiness.

Gunner's Mate for Naval Cargo Handling Battalion Twelve. Petty Officer Harris distinguished himself through his work ethic and technical expertise during the Unit's Ultra P and C exercises contributing directly to NCHB-12's certification. While mobilized to NAVELSG Forward Camp Arifjan Kuwait, he continued his exemplary service as Assistant Leading Petty Officer of the Armory night shift directly supervising 878 weapons transactions without any errors.

Culinary Specialist serving as Field Messing Supervisor for NCHB-1. Petty Officer Lewis maintained over 2,000 meals and serviced over 1500 meals for a variety of events. While TAD to ESU, Petty Officer Lewis maintained and inventoried over 3,000 line items of Automotive repair parts and over 60,000 dollars worth of MRE and UGRS with a 95% inventory rating. He also trained over 80 personnel in the set up and breakdown of the MKT.

Acting Officer in Charge for Naval Cargo Handling Battalion FOUR (NCHB-4). Chief Gomerach's leadership and steadfast commitment contributed to the highest standards of mission readiness in all operational aspects. He managed over 30 unit personnel and encouraged and mentored newly indoctrinated Sailors to excel individually. As a result, the unit achieved a 99% PFA success rate; 100% advancement exam participation; 2 advancements; 98% Retention Rate of eligible personnel; 97% individual medical readiness. His leadership fueled members' exemplary performance while in support of unit missions word-wide, providing hundreds of man-hours of operational support and resulting in numerous personal commendations for Alpha and Delta Company personnel from Battalion Headquarters.

As NCHB-8 Delta Company's Leading Petty Officer, he quickly became the battalion's subject matter expert. He has served in all unit leadership positions with exceptional results, including as both Delta Company OIC and LCPO due to operational commitments. Participating in Operation Deep Freeze, his motivation and Cargo handling skills directly impacted the movement of over 8,500,000 pounds of vital cargo, allowing the mission to be completed ahead of schedule. At FISC Pearl Harbor, he supported the 25th ID Combat Aviation Brigade in their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Serving as a stevedore, he assisted in the offloading of 27 pieces of sensitive equipment, including 13 aircraft, 3 simulators from the M/V Mendonca, and, during Phase II, the loading of 1279 pieces of equipment, lashing more than 4,600 pieces of rolling stock and containers.

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