Oil King Evals

Conducted a high risk evolution of onloading 6000 gallons of lube oil on board USS Milius on a weekend and with minimal support.

As ship's oil king, he established LOQM and FOQM while training up some of the finest Oil Kings fleet wide. His efforts culminated in the successful transfer of 100,000 gallons of F-76, 2,000 gallons L/O, and 10,000 gallons of oily waste with zero mishaps for all 2nd and 4th fleet operations.

Supervised the completion of 400 critical maintenance checks directly contributing to a succesful Light Off Assessment. Restored two fuel oil purifiers leading to successful full power demonstration and sea trials event. Supervised three oil king technicians in the repair of the JP-5 transfer system, enabling LASSEN to onload over 500k gallons of F-76 without any safety mishaps and a cost avoidance of $350k.

Led over 100 sailors in the maintenance and operations of all engineering equipment. Trained over 400 Sailors in watch-station readiness leading to the completion of critical certifications maintaining BULKELEY's operational readiness. As ship's oil king, he oversaw the safe onload of countless gallons of fuel oil.

Trained and mentored junior sailors directly resulting in the qualification of two oil kings, 23 maintenance persons, four RPPOs, two WCSs, and 20 IEMs. As refueling crew leader, trained a three man helicopter refueling team ensuring FIITZGERALD's AVCERT Certification.

Led 30 Sailors to qualify in over 65 watch stations, ranging from Line Handler and Comms Operator up to Auxiliary Systems Monitor, Repair Party Investigator, and Oil King.

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