Operational Test Director (OTD) Evals

- SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. Directly led her team of seven SPAWAR/COMOPTEVFOR staff in leading test planning for Maritime Tactical Command and Control, a Navy prototype Battle Management Aid that will give Warfare Commanders the ability to collaborate within LINK and C2 systems. The success of the system is a direct result of her operational testing acumen.

Managed five Special Access acquisition programs in accordance with Defense Operational Test & Evaluation procedures for several ACAT Level I programs (worth over $300 million), conducting research, development, and writing of Integrated Evaluation Frameworks (IEF) while supporting documentation for Special Access Programs. Coordinated efforts with Operational Test Directors assigned from other warfare divisions in the conduct of SAP testing.

As OTD for SURTASS/CLFA, USW-DSS, SWSS, and PARROTFISH, Chief Coleman executed IOT&E in its entirety for two critical programs of record. He managed diverse teams of Navy personnel, Program Office representatives, DOT&E, and National Laboratories ensuring the Navy received functional and effective warfighting systems. His coordination of the detailed pretest documentation guaranteed accurate and relevant data was collected to support fielding decisions.

Petty Officer Seimens coordinated and executed three separate operational test and evaluation phases of the Navy Multiband Terminal spanning several operational fleet assets.

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