Pay Clerk Eval Examples

EXCEPTIONAL ADMINISTRATOR. As the OCS In-Processing Clerk, Petty Officer Jiang ensured that all pay documents were processed and completed accurately. Directly responsible for the timely and accurate processing for over 6 OCS Classes and 300 service members, over 250 Officer Candidate School strength gains and 1,100 entitlements with zero discrepancies. As the ODS Processing Clerk, he processed 30 docements to start the entitlements of Officer Training Command for Collegiate.

Reserve Pay and Personnel Clerk at NOSC Columbia. As the NOSC's primary Pay Clerk, Petty Officer Simmons ensured that all pay documents were completed accurately and submitted in a timely manner. He ensured all enlistment bonuses were submitted on time. Also oversaw all personnel gains, reenlistments, and extensions. He performed all of his duties while training two junior PS.

FISCAL FORESIGHT. Demonstrating professional knowledge and sound judgment as the directorate Leading Petty Officer and as a Special Pay Specialist, his contribution was instrumental in the direct support and mission accomplishment of the Special Pay Department. He processed over $20 million in special pays for over 2000 Navy Medical Department officers.

FINANCIAL VIGILANCE. While assigned to First NCR, Petty Officer Costes provided over 4 years of administrative support as the Regiment's Pay Specialist. A total of 1400 AT/IDTT orders were processed 2014-2019. He also served in a variety of administrative support roles such as the Mustering Petty Officer and the Command's Photographer.

As the Reserve Pay Clerk at Navy Operational Support Center, Houston, Texas, he provided drive, attention to detail, and leadership in the most demanding situations.

FORENSIC ACCOUNTING. Petty Officer Cheyenne took charge and guided the Reserve Pay Department to develop and implement a financial records maintenance system for over 1,000 inactive duty financial records with zero discrepancies. He also implemented a Quality Control process to identify required record updates, maximizing the effectivness and efficiency of the Reserve Pay department.

As ResPay Clerk she processed over 44,000 drills decreasing the overall days to pay and increasing the efficiency of the entire department. Her impeccable attention to detail was an integral part of Reserve Pay receiving an overall SAT on NOSC Washington's most recent inspection.

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