Planner Eval Statements

Efficiently coordinated with NAVCENT planning staff to ensure NECC headquarters planners were integrated into the swift-moving NAVCENT Planning Cycle. Led a comprehensive review of force commitments to Pacific OPLANs in advance of the theater's annual Navy Expeditionary Force synchronization conferece.

As Battle Watch Captain and Strategy and Policy Directorate planner, Senior Chief Cox significantly enhanced the professionalism and effectiveness of the Fleet Battle Watch and directly contributed to the success of forces operating in the USSOUTHCOM AOR. His outstanding planning ability was instrumental in maintaining the optimal readiness of Chief of Naval Operations Navy Campaign Support Plans, CDRUSSOUTHCOM Contingency Plans, and USNAVSO force planning capabilities.

Joint Action Planner on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations. A talented leader and technician, she used keen vision, insight, and diligence to identify and implement policies and practices that resulted in improved efficiency and accuracy within the Joint Manpower Branch. As a Joint Actions Planner, she skillfully balanced end strength and billet authorizations for 5 Joint and 71 Outside DOD activities. She also conducted an in-depth requirements review of USJFCOM, effectively managing the transfer of over 375 billets from JFCOM to Navy and other Joint organizations while maintaining critical functionality during the closure of this 4-star command.

As COMTHIRDFLT Fleet Satellite Communications Manager, Petty Officer Javier skillfully processed and tracked in excess of 3,000 Satellite Access Requests (SAR) providing SATCOM support and readiness to over 140 commands afloat and ashore. A recognized subject matter expert, he made invaluable recommendations at numerous planning conferences that led to significant improvements in the Navy's Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Warfare Area.

Lead planner and instructor behind Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion Headquarters Element's first Corporal's Leadership Course. She skillfully coordinated all the training areas, instructors, students, and curriculum for the very successful course.

Provided exceptional mentoring, training, and planning for Operation "Blue Falcon". Spent over 80 hours of personal time organizing and facilitating a highly successful training evolution for detachment and Delta company non-SCW members. Pre-boarded and boarded 13 individuals.

Master Sergeant Siempre played a critical role in deliberate and contingency planning during various strategic level exercises.

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