Pregnancy Coordinator

- PROGRAM MANAGER. Driven personality and positive attitude as a command pregnancy coordinator, successfully assisted # sailors with navigating Navy and Command policies regarding pregnancy and postpartum care resulting in 100% return to full duty status.

- SAILOR ADVOCATE. She provided an abundant amount of resources to 24 pregnant and post-partum Sailors by routing 12 maternity uniform allowance requests totaling over $4,000, 18 caregiver leave requests, and 17 family care plans.

His exceptional leadership involving the management of 78 limited duty and pregnant sailors inspired performance and productivity that resulted in the selection of a JSOY, a SOQ, and 14 personal awards.

She oversaw the treatment, scheduling, and documentation for 13 pregnancies, 56 limited duty boards, and 11 medical evaluation boards over 18 months.

Counseled Sailors on their options related to their pregnancies. Arranged assignments for pregnant Service members assigned to an operational activity. Obtained PRD extensions for pregnant Sailors assigned to non-operational shore commands. Requested waivers for members who want to remain onboard an operational command during the period of pregnancy and for 12 months post-delivery.

Served as subject matter expert and one-stop shop for all matters concerning on Convalescent Leave and Preganancy regulations.

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