Preservation Petty Officer Evals

PO2 lead a team of 10 sailors during 3 major phases of Craft Stability and Preservation by way of Pre-Deployment, Mid-Cycle, and End of Deployment Assessment which was critical in providing Special Boat Team 12's next detactment with two fully furnished, mission achieved crafts that are ready to execute at any time downrange.

Led 23 sailors in the successful completion of 12,000 SQUARE FEET OF TOPSIDE PRESERVATION, increasing the material condition of the BULKELEY. Under her direction, deck personnel completed over 100,000 MAN HOURS OF PRESERVATION and 12,000 man hours of MAINTENANCE, putting BULKELEY at PEAK MATERIAL READINESS.

Demonstrating outstanding initiative and excellent supervision of personnel, led a team in the preservation and rehabilitation of Weapons Department's emergency missile decanning boom. His planning and execution detailed 208 man-hours of preservation, resulting in the efficient and safe completion of the project with zero mishaps. His efforts have increased the material condition of a mission critical piece of ordnance handling equipment.

As Assistant NN preservation lead, he assisted with the preservation of 11 NN spaces during 2 CMAVs.

Oversaw eight junior Sailors in the correction of 15 discrepancies across six compartments, reducing EDSRA preservation costs and improving mission readiness during multiple deployment and sustainment phase operations.

As lead seaman, BMSN Harrison lead three sailors in the preservation of 13 mission deck valves, 121 bus tie-down chains, and 40 life lines and stanchions.

BMSN's high level of personal dedication and meticulous attention to detail ensured the successful revitalization of ACB-1's blast and paint facility which had been non-operational for two years. In only 6 months, she restored the facility to fully operational status, ensuring preservation can be done for all 39 INLS craft, saving ACB-1 $300,000 per craft in depot level repairs while ensuring mission readiness.

FC3 dedicated countless hours at the end of each day to the preservation and preparation of the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System and all of the magazines on board. He completed over a hundred hours of maintenance in two work centers contributing to a perfect score during the 3M inspection.

BM3's initiative and versatility was instrumental to the preservation and upkeep of nine utility boats and the restoration of the LCM-8 MCAS-1. Her diligent supervision of the division's Safety Program ensured the safe periodic maintenance of equipment, optimal usage and effectiveness of the equipment. Under her charge, the division maintained a 95% maintenance completion rate, a 99% for the command safety inspection for all surface craft, and completed more than 1,650 hours of maintenance on harbor equipment.

His foresight resulted in the order and purchase of preservation supplies which allowed his Division to successfully preserve, paint and beautify Gravely for the 2017 FOX NFL Sunday event viewed by 1.5 million Americans.

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