Professional Knowledge Examples

Technical Knowledge and Practical Application

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Marginal knowledge of rating, specialty or job
- Unable to apply knowledge to solve routine problems
- Fails to meet advancement/PQS requirements

- Strong working knowledge of rating, specialty and job
- Reliably applies knowledge to accomplish tasks
- Meets advancement/PQS requirements on time

- Recognized expert, sought out by all for technical knowledge
- Uses knowledge to solve complex technical problems
- Meets advancement/PQS requirements early/with distinction

He qualified six sailors in the maintenance of P-8 wheel assemblies and assisted two sailors in obtaining their Enlisted Air Warfare qualification. Serving as 51E CDI, Petty Officer Phillips supervised the buildup and teardown on 30 tire and wheel assemblies while providing assistance in the completion of 25 maintenance actions within W/C 51A and W/C 520, to maintain a minimal workload, while increasing productivity to support commands in the Fifth Fleet AOR.

- TECHNICAL EXPERT. Tech-SIGINT lead for advancement of the Navy's Distributed SIGINT Operations (DSO) architecture. Evaluated TRITON's ELINT collection suite and outlined DSO requirements to facilitate JDTA and curriculum development. Executed proof of concept with the GHWB, integrated Growler ES data into the COP, advanced Netted Sensor initiative.

- Knowledgable & Skilled Trainer. Conducted aggressive OJT, resulting in her set meeting all qualification requirements and improving operational readiness. Her knowledge and experience was key in the training of 6 personnel, contributing to mission readiness of NAVCONBRIG Chesapeake and an overall score of "OUTSTANDING" for the September 2013 FAI/IG inspection.

NAVY EXPERT- His exceptional liaison and support for the Naval Mobile Instrumentation System (NMIS) led to the detection of two critical flaws of the C-Band Radar. His technical prowess led to the immediate on site correction and successful testing allowing the NMIS to become 100% operational for Demonstration and Shakedown Operation (DASO) 25.

- Displays firm grasp and use of effective leadership principles. Assured the success of advancement to 15-ward corpsman and 10 Programmed School Inputs by providing them with advancement material for the March 2011 Navy Wide Advancement Exam.

- Energetic leader. Selected over peers to fill the Operations Group Training Superintendent position, an E7 position. Her management skills focused and integrated the efforts of a division of 25 Sailors and 8 joint service personnel. Her work earned numerous accolades for the yearly IG inspection, resulting in over 250 certifications in 20 watch floor positions. Her diligent supervision lead to her department winning Blue Jacket of the Year and earned the title of Senior Sailor of the Year.

- Worked extensively with C4I Department on several complex interdepartmental equipment networking faults, utilizing his experience to solve them quickly with minimal resultant impact on combat readiness. Received accolades from C5RA assessors for the superior performance of weapons, radar and data systems.

- Revised and verified recall roster information, retrained personnel, reduced emergency recall delays by 75%

- Superior manager. As TCCC NCOIC, he meticulously managed the daily review and integration of four data networks and twenty workstations. He was a driving force behind the successful implementation of the NATO Unclassified Network which was critical for coordinating joint operations with multi-national coalition partners.

- Quicky qualified in all aspects of the Flight Operations department, he took the initiative to learn how to operate equipment or process requirements in peripheral stations including Fuels and CE Maintenance.

- Exceptional shift leader--Led shift in detection of over 300 anomalies and 100 unscheduled area entries

- Managed 30 personnel workcenter in direct support of U.S. Naval Network and Space Operations Command--exceeded all assigned goals!

- Isolated CINC Critical Control Circuit (CCC) outage to loss of crypto synchronization; reloaded keying material; restored communications circuit before circuit was logged out by technical controllers, restored reins of command

- Sound judgement ensured successful conversion of medical personnel records to the Defense Medical Human Resources System and IAA program; 90% complete, improved data accuracy and reporting, reduced delays in personnel assignment during last five contingency operations by 50%

- Created database/tracked ventilation equipment in two dozen facilities. Review identified problem equipment and resulted in upgrades. Improved air quality/production.

- Supervised repair of air conditioning at Naval Network Warfare Command facilities; protected $3M of critical communications equipment

- Scheduled course dates for officer and enlisted military members to attend--maximum use of available slots

- Scheduled over 1,400 units of TMDE with 100% accountability--critical single-point contact for 2,000 units in AOR

- Managed more than 190 theater IDNS nodes switching 126 GB of bandwidth with 99.9% reliability!

- Diligently managed watch team of experts around the clock. Coordinated, directed, and united individual functions to provide bullet-proof security and complete vigilance!

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted HAZMAT team in recovering contents--prevented personnel exposure

- Processed over 2500 patient records requests monthly; enforced 100% HIPPA compliance standards

- Resourceful--obtained two scarce Remote Mine Hunting System training slots--saved $7000, increased Minesweeper personnel qualifications

- Identified compatibility issues with NATO Integrated C2 software, prevented comm failure across NATO

- Identified a faulty U-link used to patch circuit trunks between the Digital Communications Sub-System (DCSS) and Operations Van--prevented future communications interruptions at Northwest

- Processed 100% of customers inventories/schedules; 256 products delivered--first time met requirement this year

- Coordinated 22 priority unscheduled calibrations--actions guaranteed USS Bainbridge deployment with full weapons complement

- Meticulously accurate with high sense of personal responsibility for quality of work and continually seeks personal growth and development.

- Managed restoral of 3 of the most critical real world Pacific Network communication outages of 2007. His decisive actions restored priority services and established protective measures which minimized future impact to Pacific Network Operations.

- Troubleshot failure of a 688 class submarine AN/APX-72 receiver/transmitter, repaired in less than 10 minutes, resumed scheduled operations with no delays

- Planned and implemented direct internet connection for C2IPS system at JTFSA in support of SOUTHERN WATCH--increased joint intelligence and planning capability

- Validated/scrubbed 68 PMEL accounts; overcame loss of records due to personnel rotations--restored vital oversight

- Brainstormed intelligence and technology integration efforts for several new platforms including unmanned vehicles

- Provided full range of on-demand cryptologic support, tailored SIGINT advice and assistance to high profile CJCS mission

- Maintained the section's vehicles and over $900K of electronic and specialized equipment

- Developed new research methodology--improved the accuracy and timeliness of reports by 25%

TECHNICAL EXPERT AND SUPERIOR TRAINER - As Information Assurance (IA) Manager, IT1 Porter reviewed IA violations and implemented aggressive training to correct, trained 120 joint personnel in IA security compliance; reduced security lapses by 50% while providing 100% IA Vulnerability Alert compliance --first time in three years!

- Scheduled both recurring and emergency maintenance on work center equipment--ensured data on target at 99% rate!

- Traced intercom system outage affecting the UHF and VHF radio systems to grounded headset--prevented mission scrub

- Reconfigured 10 tactical satellite missions to conserve finite satellite resources and increased bandwidth available to ships by 15%.

- Provided convoy training to 34 Chief Petty Officers prior to short-notice deployment; ensured safety and mission success

- Constructed display bulletin boards; provided 2,000 annual patients with preventive eyecare information

- Networking guru who's connected all of Naval Station Great Lakes; able to get the troops what they need without delay

- Compiles detailed after-action reports which shape future deployment strategies throughout the entire Joint Forces Command

- Developed, tested NATO Integrated C2 software; identified many compatibility issues and provided solutions. Her actions reduced unauthorized security accesses by 75%, provided improved C2 infrastructure ahead of schedule.

- Perfectly controlled 1200 deployed seamen; ensured safe operating environment and achieved all objectives

- Dedicated to excellence, orchestrated relocation of clinic's equipment, eliminated excessive patient travel and increased face-to-face time spent with providers by 20 percent; efforts lauded by superiors

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