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Technical Knowledge and Practical Application

-DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. His intrusive leadership directly contributed to timely processing of 673 repairable components, 459 consumable components, and the qualification of four technicians during 2009 Western Pacific Deployment in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

- Enterprising and motivated instructor, achieved MTS x months ahead of standards

- HM3 Snyder spearheaded the medical plan for the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Challenge. He soley put together a very thorough and in depth plan in order to provide support for all Active Duty and Civilian participants. He coordinated all aspects including communication with the fire department and base personnel, met on various occasions with the Commanding Officer and other key personnel for the race, and assigned all the medical personnel to their positions. Along with being in charge of such a high task for this pay grade HM3 Snyder put in countless hours of time and effort.

- Updated and purged message pickup and release folder to focus on only supported commands' personnel rosters

- Received Letter of Commendation from RADM Blackberry for actions in support of COMSECONDFLT and USCENTCOM during pre-deployment planning for Operation DESERT STORM.

- Outstanding Instructor. Ensured smooth operation of classroom instruction, curriculum developement, and course administrative requirements. Donated over 200 hours of off-duty instruction and extra study for 90 students in NSVT and ISSM courses. Unflagging efforts lowered attrition rate to zero.

- As GBS operator, directed over 40 hours of fault isolation and circuit restoration for critical C4 networks. Experience led him to streamline troubleshooting procedures, reducing average restoral time by 50%.

- Planned restroom construction at Group Flight facility. Conducted cost analysis, recommended in-house project; his efforts saved the Navy over $200K.

- Contributed 20 off-duty hours to environmental data migration; reviewed and updated 10 HAZMAT shop folders, exceeded MARFORPAC goal by 10%.

- As unit electromagnetic radiation safety officer; scheduled initial and recurring inspections. Ensured safe transmitter operations and interoperability with all other deck systems.

- Best in command! NETWARCOM's “Financial Management Specialist of the Year” for 2004.

OUTSTANDING CHIEF OF THE WATCH! Managed a watch team of 9 joint service personnel and 19 civilians overseeing operational communications supporting all USCENTCOM fixed sites and the Fifth Fleet ranging over 1000 square miles.

- Skillfully supervised the detailed electronic tuning of the ship's periscope and ESM systems prior to its first overseas deployment. His efforts resulted in zero faults and optimum performance thoughout the deployment.

- RECOGNIZED EXPERT: A dedicated hospital corpsman, maintains focus on primary job providing best possible medical care to Navy members and their families, he is often sought out by junior personnel for advice and counsel

- Spearheaded over 70 STEP assignments supporting satellite reachback for RIMPAC 07, the world's largest international maritime exercise.

- Delivered almost 200Mb of secure and reliable bandwidth to ships, subs, aircraft, and deployed troops.

- Exhibited quick decision making ability during Bahrain Crisis Response exercise scenarios. He executed post attack UXO sweeps and Self Aid and Buddy Care.

- An outstanding troubleshooter, she resolved more than 150 Network Control Center trouble tickets per month, reduced customer wait by 50%!

- Provided 22 hours of flight crew instruction; taught 40 people on respiratory protection/QNFT. His professionalism was vital to successful deployment operations.

- Conducted 12 indoor air quality surveys; monitored 7 toxic gases; ensured closed environment was free from health hazards -team effort vital to crew success.

- Spearheaded stormwater sampling efforts; ensured proper collection; fleet met all federal discharge guidelines.

- Trained, established roles for six Battlestaff watch officers in preparation for EUCOM’s largest exercise, DARK ANVIL 07. Provided 99% successful tactical comm supporting over 20K troops.

- Supercharged radiation safety program! Ensured 100% Nuclear Regulatory Commission compliance and crew safety.

- Led boiler manifold reseal team. Reduced fuel leak, limited discrepancies to 0.25 per ship, exceeded COMUSNAVCENT goal by 50%.

- Published civilian provider formulary. Enhanced 7,500 patients' and community care; non-stocked requests dropped 50%.

- Responded to over 150 production requests. Created over 470 imagery products in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

- Maintained land mobile radio system, guaranteed critical communications at all times--always prepared!

- Briefed several theater commanders and dignitaries on time-sensitive intelligence during operation. Her accurate and understandable reports enabled cohesive and successful effort.

- Identified critical error in image catalog references. Expert analysis and knowledge of system procedures prevented unnecessary missions, saved strike group over $375K in fuel costs.

- Developed, conducted imagery training for over three fourths of members assigned to the workcenter. Produced the highest ratio of shift qualified personnel ever!

- Replaced number 4 main tank compensator probe under hazardous conditions. Heroic efforts restored engine to fully mission capable, preserved safety of ship and personnel.

- Responded to emergency power failure in boiler room. Chief could not transfer power to right aft engine and the crossfeed for that engine would not function. Traced to circuit breaker trip and restored power and operations.

- Highly talented with excellent working knowledge of all facets of billeting management and competent in all technical and procedural aspects of Front Desk responsibilities.

- Meticulously accurate with high sense of personal responsibility for quality of work and continually seeks personal growth and development.

- Managed restoral of 3 of the most critical real world Pacific Network communication outages of 2007. His decisive actions restored priority services and established protective measures which minimized future impact to Pacific Network Operations.

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted NCIS in recovering suspicious contents. Quick action prevented hazard to team and onlookers.

- Conducted daily heat stress evaluations; protected over 13,500 workers and children in five schools and day care centers.

- Contributed 100 hours to environmental data migration; reviewed 16 HAZMAT shop folders; exceeded COMSUBLANT goal.

- Expertly evaluated over 260 job orders; developed short/long range goals for shop, accomplished an astounding 80% completion rate this quarter.

- Replaced or re-pinned over 30 entrance gates. Eliminated possible base perimeter breaches, enhanced force protection.

- Expertly boresighted firing systems. Consistent aiming accuracy made live-target firing unnecessary and saved over 25K in ammo this fiscal year alone!

- Created unprecedented plan for Navy Reserve medical support for homeland defense. Made a dramatic improvement to state response!

- Performed over 200 S-3 Viking fuel system repairs. His diligent efforts enabled over 16K squadron flying hours--mission success!

- Identified broken pin on a S-3B main tank boost pump cannon plug. Expert troubleshooting saved more than $4,000 in unnecessary boost pump replacement

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