Radiation Safety Officer Evals

Command Radiation Safety Officer and Radiographer for FRCSE Detachment Mayport. While performing the duties normally assigned to a senior enlisted officer, she single handedly ensured the Radiological Affairs Safety Program (RASP) received the level of attention it required to implement and comply with the recently revised NAVSEA-S0420-AA-RAD-010. Her diligent attention to detail and selfless service resulted in a grade of "No findings" during most recent RASP inspection.

Reviewed the existing Radiation Safety Program and identified several discrepancies, including the lack of a local OI. Authored an operating instruction tailored to local requirements and ordered personal dosimeters, enabling radiation measurement and metrics for the first time. Also clearly marked all areas exposed to radiation.

As Radiation Health technician, achieved 100% compliance with the radiation health protection program by auditing, collecting, and processing more than 50 Thermo Luminescence Dosimeters (TLD) throughout her time on board. Her attention to detail and training of 11 technicians in the 5th and 6th fleet on radiation safety ensured the radiation health and safety program complied with the Navy, Department of Defense, and Federal radiation exposure regulations.

As radiation program manager, Sergeant Whacker's oversight of three radioactive material permits and 12 licenses encompassing $650,000 in assets ensured regulatory compliance and safety for over 57,000 personnel.

Performed 129 supplemental Hyperbaric diver hours, boosting the health of 450 acute and chronically ill patients. He supported Operation TOMODACHI by processing and clearing 500 flyers to ground test on Potassium Iodine tablets that were to be used if exposed to radiation during their missions. Issued dosimeters to monitor the individual radiation exposures of deployed personnel, resulting in zero adverse effects.

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