Reaction Force Evals

A Reaction Force Member for USS MISSOURI (BB-63) leading a team of six. During a natural disaster, conducted Force Protection for 100 base houses ensuring all personnel and property was safe and secure. Providing security overwatch during 25 underway replenishments ensuring the safety of the ship and crew while in hostile waters. Established and supervised 15 Entry Control Points.

Naval Construction Battalion 27 Quick Reaction Force team member during field training exercise BEARING DUEL 03-17. Contributed to the Battalion's successful completion of operation BEARING DUEL. Stood a watch on a 240. cal machine gun for over 48 straight hours and repulsed multiple attacks against the camp while staying highly motivated. Also led Air Detachment's second charge and took over the field emplacement and directed the successful defense.

-MISSION ORIENTED. GM3 deployed 189 days as Reaction Force team leader in USNS Henson, USNS Observation Island, and USNS Effective, providing 360 degree point defense security in the highly contested waters of the East and South China seas with zero incidents.

While serving as Reaction Force Team Member, her efforts led to a 20% increase in mission readiness and contributed to the Training Department's 2015 Coastal Riverine Administration Training Evaluation (CRATE) score of 100%. A recognized expert in her rate, she performed 300 maintenance actions ensuring weapons were ready for deployment at a moment's notice, conducted four serialized inventories and eight weapons inventories ensuring the Weapons Department's mission readiness.

Member of the Quick Reaction Force and a certified SAMI on the USS Chief, supervised the small arms training for an MA Division consisting of 12 active duty Sailors. Directly responsible for the firearms recertification of all 12 members of the division with zero mishaps.
PROVEN PERFORMER. Coordinated with NCIS, NSF, EOD and K-9 units in Force Protection inspection of the USS Chief. Oversaw a police K9 demonstration for family members of Sailors assigned to the USS Chief during Family Day.

As Security Reaction Force Member for USS Enterprise (CVN-65), he demonstrated extraordinary situational awareness and professionalism by recognizing a suspicious odor while on sponson 8 smoke deck. Went forth with an investigation which led to the apprehension of two individuals smoking "SPICE".

He collaborated with Federal, state and First Reaction Forces on emergency actions plans safeguarding the nation's most valuable asset. His involvement in the execution of 33 real time C2 events and 20 major exercises assessed installation readiness and captured valuable data for leaders.

He independently coordinated and executed the deployment of his platoon during BALIKATAN exercise 2016 as part of the joint rapid reaction force mission. His detailed planning and execution ensured that successful bi-lateral training with the 24th company, Philippine Marine Corps was successful during an aerial assault.

Quick Reaction Force commander for CTF-Iraqi Maritime, lead 3 operational training and security escort evolutions at Al Basrah Oil Terminal (ABOT) and Khawr Al Amaya Oil Platform (KAAOT) gulf oil platforms, expertly planning the mission with USS Port Royal, USCG Adak and afloat VBSS elements thereof. At CTG 56.5 volunteered as CMAA, ensuring safety, well being.

EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP. Mentored over one hundred and twenty Sailors. Supervised more than 330 Antiterrorism Force Protection drills, facilitated 14 Security Reaction Force basic classes resulting in 378 graduates, directly contributing to the command's successful certification with an overall score of 95% and a 99% for Antiterrorism 1.1 and Antiterrorism 1.4.

Designated by the commanding officer as quick reaction force team leader, his efforts resulted in the qualification of 20 military members in non-lethal and small arms weapons usage.

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