Redeployment Statements

While forward deployed in Iraq, Chief Koch led 27 customs inspectors in the daily inspections of redeploying Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. His ability to adapt and produce results during operations with Army, Air Force, and civilian contractors contibuted to the improvement of passenger processing and subsequent smoother transition for redeploying service men and women.

Petty Officer Nelson displayed professionalism and devotion to duty while attached to NAVCENT FWD HQ Kuwait. Petty Officer Nelson processed over 4,000 sailors on Emergency and R&R leave. As Convoy Commander he performed armed convoys transporting over 1,000 Sailors redeploying to the U.S. and to the mandatory MRAP roll over trainer. While attached to Tranportation and Training Division, Petty Officer Nelson ensured the upkeep and maintenance on 13 berthing tents provided for transient personnel going into and out of the theater.

As the Mobile Air Supoprt Team Leading Petty Officer on the ground in Afghanistan, he organized, led and facilitated the movement of XXX.XXX pounds of cargo during NSWRON-4 redeployment.

YN1 Kelly played a critical role in facilitating the transportation of more than 2700 deployers and 340 redeployers and was indirectly responsible for the transportation of members' weapons and gear. He directly impacted the transition deployment/redeployment process for deployers and redeployers by conducting 5 PERSCO briefs, 12 redeployer briefs and 7 deployer briefs. As transitioning unit Career Counselor, YN1 Kelly contributed directly to mission readiness by participating in 2 Career Development Boards and 2 deployer Career Counselor briefs.

Acting with a sense of urgency and determination, CS2 Johnson set the example for taking initiative and accepting responsibility. He assisted the customs division on 120 inspections of a total of 1700 personnel, 5500 bags, 120 ISUs, 25 vehicles, and 3220 equipment items. His strong commitment to teamwork helped the customs division of LTF3 make an indeliable impact on our camp. CS2 Johnson's foresight and organizational ability for ordering subsistence items facilitated the hosting of over 700 troops redeploying back to the United States for 2 weeks. As a result the facility was fully stocked and met all travellers' needs, and was recognized by the redeploying unit's Officer in Charge.

Chief XXXXXX was directly responsible for daily interactions with redeploying Army unit LNOs, delivering more than 30 briefs and mentoring six Sailors in proper confirmation briefing execution. He conducted 15 individualized and guided walk-through tours of the Customs process in order to increase redeployer awareness of applicable regulations and limitations. This resulted in fewer contraband seizures, a faster and more efficient Customs process and an improved experience for service members redeploying from Al Asad, Iraq.

He established himself as a Customs subject matter expert and was sought out by numerous non-commissioned officers and contractors for guidance. This resulted in enhanced unit situational awareness and reduced administrative friction during processing. As an accomplished leader, he provided mentorship and guidance throughout the implementation of Customs inspections, supporting over 10,000 members of redeploying military units including the Responsible Drawdown of Forces in Iraq. He led 33 CBCA trained Sailors through over 2500 man-hours of training and the successful clearance of over 25,000 pieces of baggage and 40,000 cargo items.

He efficiently coordinated the Pacific Deployment loadout with minimal disruptions to allow his division to take predeployment leave.

He meticulously executed the command's coordination and support of 120 Reserve units consisting of 2,255 Marines who successfully completed their weekend drill or two week annual training periods. He was instrumental in providing deployment and redeployment processing and training support to 456 Individual Augmentees and 23 units/detachments supporting over 1,500 Marines and Sailors in support of Operations FREEDOM'S SENTINEL and INHERENT RESOLVE.

YN3 Hartley processed 370 redeploying Naval personnel from Afghanistan through NMPS Norfolk, ensuring a smooth and orderly transition from overseas duty.

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