Resident Advisor Evals

As Resident Advisor watchbill coordinator, he fairly and efficiently completed equitable watchbills for six senior personnel ensuring a safe environment was maintained in the barracks.

Enforced visitor policies and Quiet Hours for barracks residents; restored habitable conditions so occupants can rest, study, and recover and have at least, a minimum amount of privacy.

As Duty Resident Advisor, she augmented civilian staff during off-duty hours and ensured that the living conditions in the BEQ met standards and residents complied with all regulations. She responded to 88 trouble calls and checked in and mentored 45 new Sailors.

As Resident Advisor he stood over 2,000 hours of duty and conducted 1,325 announced and unannounced room inspections inline with 2025 Sailors Navy initiative. Confiscated 19 dangerous weapons and unauthorized alcohol products.

As resident advisor of the barracks, he guided and mentored 92 junior sailors on a daily basis, none of whom recorded an alcohol-related incident on his watch.

His exceptional professionalism as the Resident Advisor for 37 personnel ensured proper enforcement of all barracks regulations, the placement of 17 new personnel, and the correction of several barracks deficiencies.

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