Security Eval Examples

As a team leader in Mobile Assault Platoon 3 Bravo, Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion 7th Marines. While maintaining his post at Entry Control Point 5, outside Fallujah, Iraq, Lance Corporal Callay repelled an assault by over twenty insurgents. Lance Corporal Callay remained steadfast in his duties while manning a machine gun on post while under fire from rocket propelled grenades, mortars, and small arms. When the counter assault from his platoon went out to continue fighting, they counted ten killed and five wounded enemies.

While serving as a machine gunner in 81's Platoon, Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, Lance Corporal Callay was on radio watch for the Quick Reaction Force, and noticed smoke from an Army Garrison tent facility. He quickly, and with total disregard for his own safety, ran into the burning tent to alert the Soldiers who were sleeping within. He entered the burning tent four times to assist in the evacuation of Soldiers who were unconscious due to smoke inhalation. Due to his unwavering courage and personal initiative, all Soldiers were evacuated with no loss of life.

Physical Security Noncommissioned Officer, Operations Directorate, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Distric of Columbia. During this time, Petty Officer Wilsky served as the project manager for the installation and design of the Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System, costing over 1.2 million dollars. His inspirational leadership and technical expertise were pivotal in leading a team of civilian contractors to complete the project ahead of schedule despite the occurrence of two natural disasters. Petty Officer Wilsky's commitment was evident in his dedication of over 100 hours of off-duty time to the logistical and technical completion of this project. His efforts and the completion of this project expanded and increased readiness and the hardening of base security exponentially. Petty Officer Wilsky's managerial ability, personal initiative and unswerving devotion to duty reflects great credit upon him and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Air Force and Naval Service.

Great Patrolman-His/Her ability to tackle demanding tasks with little or no supervision is unwavering. Her vigilance on watch and strict adherence to standard operating procedures are credited with the successful resolution of a high stress call volume in which her quick actions saved the life of a Sailor.

An excellent leader and manager. Performs at the highest caliber in every endeavor. His "lead by example" style ensures only the highest of quality work from his subordinates.
- Superior leader. Successfully assumed the role as led Dockmaster supervising 6 active duty sailors and 6 reservists in the day by day management of the busiest port in the 5th Fleet AOR. Directly responsible for the safe execution of 1,000 ship movements in and out of Salman Naval Base and Khalifa Bin Salman Port with zero mishaps.
- Proven performer. Coordinated with CTF-56, NSF, EOD and K-9 units in force protection inspections of 126 coalition warships. Oversaw the safe delivery of 2.5 million gallons of fuel for 50 ships maintaining 100% mission readiness in the support of OEF and OIR in South West Asia. Conducted port briefs for 30 coalition warships ensuring all crewmembers were informed of the vastly changing atmosphere in Bahrain.
- Command Involvement. Handpicked to be Honor Time Orderly for NSA Bahrain Change of Command ceremony and Navcent/5th Fleet Change of Command onboard USS Harry S. Truman.
His drive and motivation has left a positive impact on sailors and civilians alike. He is a hard charging sailor undoubtedly ready to be a FIRST CLASS PETTY OFFICER.

-Dedicated Shipmate- Completed xxx; gained invaluable first responder skills, contributed to the Security department and TACAMO mission readiness.

- Inordinately motivated. Recertified as xxx; sustained/honed unit's Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection capability, superb xx% on final examination.

- Highly motivated; determined to succeed in his job; completes tasks correctly first time; a real strength.

- Phenomenal Mentor. Supervises and mentored two Junior Master-at-Arms; ensuring they were ahead of their peers in Career Development Course completion. Her/His Actions ensured the new sailors were able to quickly incorporate into the command and the mission.

- Scrubbed training /evaluation records for 83 NSF members; ensuring the department s continued compliance/effectiveness.

- Worked tirelessly to prepare for inspection, developed training procedures on records management, publications, forms management, and special orders--increased personnel qualification 50%.

- Training streamlined transition of newly assigned sailors to their sections, reduced qualification time by 80%.

- Refocused office responsibilities--accuracy and timeliness of report processing increased by 90%. Utilized collected data and to highlight the key areas for attention and directed critical upgrades.

- develop mutually beneficial relationships in the organization so you can influence and persuade people.

- Solely responsible for correspondence, telephone communications, filing, and reporting during stand-up of during USSTRATCOM 'Global Thunder' exercise; assured mission effectiveness of JTF-124 missions world-wide.

- Excels in all basic and complicated tasks; assisted xx fellow shipmates for qualification board, ensuring his watch section was capable of providing top-notch physical security to the command.

- Team Player. He was a hand-selected to assist the command facilities department upgrade the physical structures on the compound, ensuring the command was prepared for up-coming assessments.

- Fitness leader. As Assistant CFL, she led command physical fitness and FEP sessions directly contributing to a 95 percent pass rate in Cycle 1 and 2 2014 PFA.

- Team player. Dedicated 30 hours to serve as a Line Coach, her attention-to-details and adherence to the safety procedures during gun range exercises led to the qualification of 25 personnel on M9 pistol and M4 rifle, with zero mishaps.

Petty Officer xx performs his duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results, fostering pride and total mission accomplishment.

Petty Officer XX is a poised and dedicated sailor. He has proven himself as a reliable and steady performer.

Petty Officer XX is a resourceful Sailor who is an up and coming leader, always searching for additional opportunities to excel her sailors and herself.

Petty Officer xx performs his duties in a decisive and positive manner with laudable results, fostering pride and absolute mission accomplishment.

Petty Officer xx is a well-rounded individual who demonstrates sound judgment, foresight, and professional competency while performing his duties.

BIG NAVY ASSET: On AT requalified as Range Safety Officer and expertly ran 2 9mm/shotgun ranges qualifying 4 reserve unit members, 9 active duty CFAO NSF/ASF personnel and training/qualifying 1 Line Coach.

The only third class Petty Officer to qualify as harbor security TRASUP and the only harbor security trasup at SUBASE New London.

As maritime interception operations team member, deployed aboard USS Kauffman, participated in a security sweep of a suspected pirated vessel, which lead to the debriefing of 14 crewmembwers, significantly increasing knowledge of pirate tactics, techniques and procedures.



As a field training officer he effectiavly trained 35 military personnel in physical security and law enforcement resulting in a 100% qualification rate within his section.

While assigned as Chief of the guard onboard USNS Henson, he devoted over 40 hours training to 10 Sailors on weapon malfunction, warning shots and AT/FP common core procedures. His exceptional knowledge and ability led his team to provide formidable security protection for 90 personnel during 40 hydrographic survey launchers and ensured mission success and zero mishaps. In addition, he arranged and implemented a weekly training schedule that resulted in 3 COGs, one EXW qualification and 1 PQS above one's rank.

Prepared and led 3 Force Protection briefs during the execution of 3 aircraft security missions protecting assets totaling $30 million to Djibouti, Cape Verde and Cameroon. In addition, he coordinated a Raven PT program for 8 sailors and mentored 3 personnel 2 hours daily, resulted in 1 BJOY, 2 mission commanders and 1 sailor receiving their EXW qualifications.

SUPERIOR MENTOR. Earned his Homeland Security Level IV and Disaster Preparedness specialist level I certification. Challenged his staff to pursue early quals and off duty education with 2 Sailors earning their AA Degree.

NAVAL TRAINER. As training officer his utilization of fleet training assets enabled 278 Sailor to receive additional training while at NRSW providing a higher qualified and mission ready Sea Warrior. Active participant in the NAVBASE 2010 Citadel Rumble Training.

DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. Groomed his security personnel to thrive on their immense responsibility. Led and developed a stellar team that expertly guided *** high risk Sailor through vulnerable transition periods, producing 142 CLEOC cases, 252 prisoner transports, 43 Regional Court Martial s assists, 3738 Urinalysis conducted with 51 positive results.

-FLAWLESS COACH. Served as Line Coach for weapons qualifications. His prowess and attention to detail led to the qualification of 40 members in M4, M9, and M500 shotgun with zero injuries.

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