Shop LPO Evals

Outside Machine Shop LPO

As Outside Machine Shop LPO, EN1 organized the first Valve Material Assessment Team which served as a template for all Regional Maintenance Centers. He orchestrated five VMATs and two Auxiliaries Maintenance Assessment Teams, accumulating 2,700 man-hours and training 50 Sailors. He was hand selected to train the Auxillaries Division aboard the USS Anchorage(LPD 23) providing training and instruction on 37 maintenance requirements to 13 personnel.

Steel Shop LPO

SW1's tireless efforts on the fabrication and construction of a 32 foot ladder for shadow company operations was vital to the safe and efficient installation of the intelligence gathering equipment. His efforts directly impacted the ability to accurately detect and track hostile activity.

EW Repair Shop LPO

CTT1 supervised the refurbishment of 140 chaff launchers and seven SLQ-32 antennas on 21 ships ensuring 100% fleet readiness. He led five Sailors resulting in 100% advancement for Fall 2015 cycle. He diligently trained four Sailors in chaff overhaul and testing resulting in increased production and greatly minimizing repair time.

As EW shop LPO, she led the EW Shop through a difficult work up schedule ensuring all members of the team were properly trained and qualified. Ran the PCMS program for Lake Champlain, making major improvements in the ship's PCMS program and increasing operational readiness.


As UT Shop LPO, Petty Officer Fox supervised a crew of 5 Utilitiesmen in the completion of over 6000 man hours completing over 1800 PMs and ESRs. Her efforts and industrious motivation saved the command and the Navy more than $170K in contracting and labor costs. She oversaw the maintenance of 31 military houses, the procurement and installation of $80,000 in parts, materials, and appliances. As a credit card holder, she personally managed a $400,000 annual budget for the UT shop with zero discrepancies. She identified the need for an upgrade to the domestic hot water system in Spicebush and designed and oversaw the installation of two 80 gallon industrial water heaters, two water softeners, and 40 feet of 2 inch copper water line.

Hydraulic Shop LPO

As Hydraulic shop LPO, he trained, qualified, and mentored over 30 sailors.

RF Repair Shop LPO

As RF Repair Shop LPO, IT2 supervised the refurbishment of 145 PRC-152, 63 PRC-117G, AND 47 PRC-158 SATCOM radios. She led seven Sailors resulting in 100% advancement for Spring 2012 cycle.

Boat Shop LPO

LPO Kelly led five Sailors through 6,120 maintenance checks, 15 Depot-level repairs, and five emergency on-site repairs on 63 SABAR units valued at $3.3M. His efforts led the workcenter through two successful 3MI inspections with marks above average. As a HAZDEC certifier and load planner, MM1 led five Sailors through 23 troop deployments with zero errors.

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