Shore Battle Space Evals

One of only seven HQ staff that qualified as SBC Crewman Gunner and then NAV/RTO early in our 2023 C5F AOR deployment. Conducted 708 hours of static security watch, 6 crane ops, and 12 vetting mission while being qualified in all HQ areas and ready to provide support in any given position. Additionally, he dedicated 180 hours supporting CTF Shore Battle Space (SBS) enhancing security measures for the Israel/Hamas Conflict.

His diligent efforts greatly enhanced the ability of Marine security forces to protect aircraft and personnel aboard Isa Air Base. He single handedly constructed an integrated communication plan that included a Joint Communications Electronics Operating Instruction which linked Marine SECFOR with Army SECFOR, Isa Air Base Fire Department, Navy Shore Battle Space, and Navy Medical. He planned for, and implemented the use of frequency hopping over two different nets, strengthening the communication security of both Army and Marine security operations aboard Isa Air Base. Internal to the Battery, he organized SECFOR communication operations, maintenance, and distribution of 39 communication components to 11 security positions aboard Isa Air Base. Under his own initiative he created a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan, resulting in an overall communications equipment readiness of 92%.

Conducted 80 hours of troubleshooting, maintenance, and submission of CUAS monthly and weekly updates to Shore Battle Space and Region representatives for $5.1 million dollars of JCREW/DRAKE systems, in order to ensure the defense of Isa Air Base. Led 12 CUAS training classes to 140 incoming ASF/NSF/ADA personnel. Ensured 660 pieces of Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) equipment was maintained. Hand-selected as TF-58 N6 Tactical Support Technician, C4I Directorate for Afghanistan Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations. Executed the deployment of 153 assets in 24 hours to meet State Department, Customs and Border Protection, Royal Bahrain Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Marine Corps requirements. Seamlessly integrated with 23 N6 Sailors to enable TF-58 to in-process, review threat database, and out-process over 7,000 Afghan refugees in a six day period with redundant connectivity to ensure no disruptions to the operation.

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