Suicide Prevention Coordinator Evals

- COMMAND ORIENTED. As the Suicide Prevention Coordinator, coordinated # training lectures throughout the command, including mental health training for # Sailors, raising command-level awareness of suicide prevention and mental health.

Coordinated the efforts of X Sailors qualifying as ASIST and SafeTalk advocates and facilitated the annual suicide awareness GMT training, ensuring 100% compliance for X Sailors.

- COMMAND PILLAR. Selflessly provided 24-hour, confidential support for emotional distress ensuring the mental health stability of X Sailors.

As Assistant Command Suicide Prevention Coordinator, managed program requirements for 350+ Sailors and coordinated the efforts of 93 Suicide Prevention Advocates across 6 commands. Efforts expedited access to licensed counselors for Sailors expressing suicidal related behavior, enabling 7 Sailors to receive treatment.

- TRUSTED ADVISOR. Provided one-on-one suicide prevention indoctrination training for X new Sailors and established an environment where suicide relation behaviors are reported immediately to the Chain of Command, immediate action is taken with minimal attention drawn to the individual.

- COMMAND PRESENCE. As Command Suicide Prevention Coordinator, ensured 100 percent program awareness command-wide and completion of the annual suicide prevention GMT training.

- COMMAND ADVOCATE. As E-OSC assistant team leader, she maintained a robust strategic communication effort to promote comprehensive wellness and stress navigation throughout the command that enhanced our ability to identify people in stressful situations, reducing the risk of suicide.

Working above his paygrade, he facilitated five Financial workshops and seven suicide prevention trainings, ensuring over 250 Marines had vital stress reduction knowledge. RP2 Jenkins created and implemented two separate Commanding General's Readiness Inspection (CGRI) inspections in units that did not have CGRI programs, ensuring both units passed CGRI with 100% scores.

Petty Officer Kelso initiated and implemented a ground breaking weekly resiliency program with topics on suicide prevention, anger, and stress management. Also, as a skilled counselor, he spent over 100 hours counseling and mentoring individuals in a challenging environment to maintain their operational readiness.

Petty Officer Washington independently provided more than 3,430 hours in patient counseling and risk evaluation and 123 crisis management interviews of beneficiaries which saved the Navy an average of $5,000 per beneficiary. She conducted 48 suicide prevention and awareness classes for three commands, totaling 1,412 hours of training and contributing to 100% direct compliance. As Ceremonial Guard Leader, she lead 14 funerals, three retirements, two change of commands, and six other honor events and ceremonies.

Administered Command Suicide Prevention Program, providing essential guidance for corrective measures to improve Command climate.

AS Command SPC, he stood up a highly effective Command Suicide Prevention program which brought 100% program awareness command-wide reaching all military and civilian personnel.

Attended Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale and VA Safety Plan with RMTs to acquire more tools to use in preventing suicides.

Attended and completed SafeTalk training to enhance ability to identify people in stressful situations to reduce the risk of suicide.

Qualified over 56 personnel within 40 hours in LivingWorks courses and trained over 1,300 Sailors in basic suicide prevention. Developed the ASIST Metrics tool which established a citable resource for promoting, expanding, and verifying the effectiveness of the program. Improved the reported confidence of suicide interventions from 25% to 100%, a 75% increase. These efforts support and affect approximately 1,900 Sailors and will continue to grow after the trained Sailors depart from this command.

Created awareness of 22 per day Veteran suicide rate. Created an outdoor display consisting of 22 individual Soldier silhoettes and exceeded his goal of displaying in 22 different locations over 22 days. In addition to erecting the displays, he brought further awareness to the community via press releases to local publications and the American Legion online newsletter.


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