Tactical Craft Coxswain

As Command Navigation Officer and certified tactical craft coxswain, QM1 led a team of 7 sailors charged with the development, handling, storage, and formatting of 37 standard nautical charts and 17 electronic nautical charts. He provided recurring training on Plan of Intended Movements and waypoints, with over 700 chart corrections, resulting in the safe navigation by 9 tactical craft patrol boats covering 1,700 nautical miles in the AFRICOM AOR.

FORCE MULTIPLIER. As Maritime Expeditionary Security Force tactical craft coxswain boat university instructor MSRON-11 Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, CA. HT1's efforts, knowledge and expertise were critical during planning, sustainment and training during 180 hours underway, 230 force on force drills, 22,000 blank rounds fired, and 39 qualified graduates.

Tactical craft coxswain and patrolman for Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Exercised exemplary leadership which accounted for over 8,000 hours of entry control point, law enforcement, and waterfront patrols. Established a safe and secure environment for over 15,000 NNSY employees and seven high value assets. Assisted in the reintegration of the USS West Virginia and USS Maryland into the fleet following their defuel/refuel.

Night shift Lead Petty Officer and Patrol Supervisor. MA1 stood 8,000 hours of Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection becoming dual qualified as a tactical craft coxswain and patrol officer. As the senior small craft insignia board member, he qualified 31 coxswains and conducted small craft insignia boards for six sailors. Trained and oversaw the successful nuclear re-fueling and de-fueling of multiple high value assets. As command sponsorship coordinator, he streamlined the check-in process, minimizing the transition time for over 26 new check-ins.

As LCPO of Detachment "C" MESRON-10, MAC (EXW) Johnson faithfully and without hesitation devoted his entire time to the success of building, training, and leading a group of 40 Sailors to exceed expectations of the Command. This devotion continued into the deployment to the CENTCOM AOR, ensuring the success of the command by fostoring a never quit attitude in all Sailors under his charge, which garnered 100% qualification in Tactical Craft Crewman, 80% Qualified as Craft Engineer, 20% Qualified as Tactical Craft Coxswain with Weapons release authority with an additional two fully Qualified Patrol Leaders. Also oversaw the repainting of Ten 34' Sea Ark Patrol Boat Hulls which increased overall craft performance and decreased maintenance down time. His devotion to Sailors was evident when Chief Johnson obtained an air conditioned building and tent so all Sailors would have a comfortable space to train and relax.

As the Boat Department Communications Leading Petty Officer and Tactical Craft Coxswain, Combined Task Group 56.7, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates. Demonstrated great resourcefulness and motivation in providing reliable secure communications for ten patrol boats and a shore based tactical operations center during this overseas deployment. His unrelenting efforts ensured an effective tactical link between the patrol boats and the command and control net which was indispensable to the success of the maritime security mission in Jebel Ali.

SUPERB TRAINER: constantly sought out by seniors for his technical knowledge in all areas of the 34-foot patrol boat. Conducted over 300 hours of training to 93 personnel which led to the qualification of 3 Tactical Craft Patrol Leaders, 10 Tactical Craft Coxswains, 16 Navigation, Radio and Telephone Operators, 23 Engineers, 34 Crewman Gunners and 10 EXW qualifications. As CTT, he developed the planning and execution of 103 drills for 166 personnel in multiple 34 Foot Patrol Boot Companies. As a Patrol Leader, he Led 38 sailors through two Unit Level Training Assessments which resulted in an overall score of 92%.

Sacrificed 40 off duty hours to receive training for himself on all pre-requisite qualifications which resulted in the successful completion of requirements to becoming a 25ft Safe Boat Tactical Craft Coxswain. Additionally, he provided insightful tactics, techniques and procedures while conducting Maritime Security Operations in the ULTRA and CERTEX training cycle in preparation for SOUTHCOM mission to Panama. Ensured daily Pre Combat Checks (PCCs) and Pre Combat Inspections (PCIs) were completed for accountability, enabling mission readiness. Performed 100 hours of static defense, completed 11 High Value Asset escorts as a 25ft Safe Boat Tactical Craft Coxswain, which resulted in a score of 95% during the Final Evaluation Phase.

Senior Patrol Leader has demonstrated exceptional training skills while instructing over 500 hours of Maritime training that includes tactics, navigation, basic seamanship, and how to operate patrol boats to 100 senior and junior sailors. His detailed knowledge and expertise ensured forward deployed Coastal Riverine Forces maintained 100% peak operational readiness and ensured the continued high level of professional development. His dedicated work also resulted in the qualifications of 3 Tactical craft Patrol Leaders, 10 Tactical Craft Coxswains, 16 Navigators, 20 Engineers, and 47 Crewmen. With these qualified personnel it lead to 100% certification and sustainment for deployment.

Primary responsibility Tactical Craft Coxswain responsible for the safe operation, navigation, maintenance and weapons release of 34' Patrol Boat. Qualified in all maritime boat positions and was a vital asset to all maritime force protection missions. Deployed three times while at CRS-4 to 56.7.1, 56.7.2 and 56.7.3 and supported missions in Kuwait providing security to over 120 high value assets and standing over 5000 hours of static security. Qualified as line coach and supported multiple ranges and qualified over 300 Sailors for crew served weapons and small arms. Member of command training team (CTT), was instrumental in the training and certification of eight 34' Patrol boat crews and three 25' Patrol boat crews. He assisted in writing over 30 comprehensive event drill guides that were essential to a 100% pass rating for FEP.

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