Target Analyst Reporter Evals

-EXPERT ANALYST. As Target Analyst Reporter, created synthesized products for customers by analyzing and reporting 100+ cyber targets of interest information and intelligence to develop collection accesses within the IC. Contributed 200 training hours for the competition of 50 fundamental development course.
-COMMAND ORIENTED. As 10 Department Assistant Sponsor Coordinator, displayed exceptional professionalism while communicating and welcoming 15+ enlisted sailors to CWA-65. Also provided Power Points and spreedsheets containing the travel plans and ETA of incoming sailors to 10 departments' leadership.
-DEDICATED MENTOR. As a Youth Football Commissioner, raised $3,000 in equipment and volunteered 400+ hours coaching and mentoring 70 youth student-athletes from ages 3 to 17. Partnered with the city of Glenarden Mayor to deliver 350+ meals to homeless individuals and familes in need within the local community.

TOP-TIER ANALYST. As a fully trained and qualified TDNA, conducted over 250 hours of in-depth analysis and training as well as conducting targeting maintenance for 300 personas and running 90 queries thus triaging over 150k results on a tier-1 advisory. Nominated as project lead for three targeting lines of effort (LOEs) resulting in the discovery and targeting of over 45 high priority selectors while single-handedly coordinating and executing the vetting and verification of over 300 selectors, ensuring 100% targeting compliance that enabled three key reports by TOPI shops, furthering the collaboration efforts on a Tier-1 adversary resulting in a commander coin from the Task Force Two Commander.

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